Liberals Announce Local Candidate


Jaclynne Hamel, a mental health advocate and champion for Northern development, was nominated on May 9.

She is officially the Ontario Liberal Party candidate in the riding of Sault Ste. Marie.

“I grew up in the Soo, this is my home, so I know what we’re capable of with the right leadership and voice at Queen’s Park,” said Hamel.

“Job creation, affordable housing, mental health supports for children and youth — these are things that government must step up and play an active role in bringing to the North, and we won’t get there by slashing programs and services like Doug Ford suggests. As the MPP for Sault Ste. Marie, I won’t let him and his team drain supports that our community and the people I’ve worked with rely on.”

Hamel has a strong connection to the North, born in Timmins and raised in Sault Ste. Marie. With a passion for local politics since she was young, Hamel became involved with the Ontario Liberal Party while studying political science at Algoma University, and then public relations at Sault College.

After graduation Hamel stayed in the community, working in the non-profit sector to improve access to mental health supports for youth.

Hamel has seen first-hand how the Liberal government’s investments in health care and public infrastructure have helped families in her community.

She believes in the Ontario Liberal Party’s plan for care, not cuts, and is willing to stand up and fight to protect the progressive changes that she knows are setting Sault Ste. Marie on the right path.

Our plan includes building a stronger, healthier Ontario through historic new investments in health care, including publicly funded medications for everyone under 25 and a committed expansion to serve those over 65 through OHIP+; providing access to postsecondary for over 235,000 students and on-the-job learning opportunities to help land a great job; and helping 100,000 kids access quality, licensed child care, including a commitment to publicly funded preschool child care.

Ross Romano and the Doug Ford Conservatives have threatened billions of dollars in cuts to critical public services. While the Ontario Liberal Party is focused on investing in the services and infrastructure people rely on, the Conservatives will gut health care and education, denying working people a decent paycheque, and threatening much-needed public infrastructure projects.


  1. Investments folks. That is what the Liberals have done in this province. Look around. Infrastructure growth and improvement in every area, rural and urban, world class public education , universal health care, home care, shortened wait times for surgery, research into prevention for every disease including addiction and mental health. Free tuition for post secondary education, improved transit, and an investimet into Energy conservation for the future. Kathleen Wynne is unafraid. She has been unafraid to make the difficult decisions to invest in a cleaner environment, and she has been unafraid to face the music, she takes on the debates, answers the questions, walks into the protesting crowds to educate and inform on the importance of “changing behaviour in relation to energy. She got rid of Coal! We are not digging coal, and we will be healthier for this change. There is some pain yes, but that is what it takes to get most of us to change our behaviour. We cannot keep living like we have been…we have to get our heads out of the sand. Ford has his head so buried in the past, he will never see daylight.

    • If all of what you say are true….why are the Liberals going to be fortunate to retain official party status after the election? Do you not think the costs outweigh the benefits? She has put us in a position that we will never get out of the financial hole. WHY DID THIS LADY HAVE TO BE SO ABRASIVE?? If ever there was a time for change for change sake…this is the time. We have had enough of the Liberals.

  2. This city and this once proud province can not afford the spending disasters of either wynne’s liberals or horwath’s ndp. They both think there’s a money tax tree planted behind Queen’s Park. We’ve seen what the ndp did to this province when bob rae shockingly won the provincial election in 1990. And we’ve seen what having an ndp mp or mpp has done to this city. We don’t want to go back to those dark ages again. Seriously folks !!! We need responsible government, we need someone to undo the damage done to this province under the libs. Folks, you can’t sugar coat the debt of this province. The interest on this disaster is over $1,000,000,000 BILLION/month. That’s right !!! $1 billion per month. We need change….we need it on June 7. And if we go with the ndp, we are going from bad to worse !!! We need a responsible party and not another one who has “pie in the sky” vision and believes that a money tree will solve all our problems. Our children & grand children are counting on us to make an adult decision.Please cast your vote on June 7.

    • Frank…many of us are still waiting for Mr. Ford to bring forth his platform. The details about HOW he is going to pay for everything is vital. You should know that from your city council days. Budgets are everything. Mr Ford is as bad as Donald Trump not revealing his tax returns. What is Mr Ford hiding?

      • I think we have to wait and see what Ford and the PCs are going to do. But one thing is clear; wynne’s libs blew $ 1 BILLION on 2 gas plant cancellations and got nothing for the taxpayers. Inexcusable !!! horwath promises to buy back Hydro one shares that were sold. This is a multi billion dollar promise. It’s smoke & mirrors, rhetoric by the ndp leader that has no connection to reality. Let’s see what the PCs have in mind. That’s just my opinion on this.

  3. The Liberals are spending at such an alarming rate that if this continues the country will be buried so deep in debt it will never have a hope in hell of recovering. After the billions of already squandered money on their scandals no one in their right mind would ever vote for them again.
    They had their kick at the can and failed miserably. Wynne will be the first to go, very soon.

    • Wynne should have done the right thing and resigned BEFORE the election. She has to know she will lose big…so big the Liberals may lose party status and be runner ups to the NDP. I fact…so many dislike Ford and thereby Romano…that the NDP have a chance to form at least a minority government. I am thinking a minority government might just be the best thing right now.

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