Local MP Terry Sheehan Responds to Trump’s Tariffs

Terry Sheehan, MP

Local MP Terry Sheehan spoke with SaultOnline in response to Trump’s imposed Steel and Aluminum Tariffs, slated to take place at midnight on Thursday.

“We’re going to continue to stand for steel,” he said. “I’ve spoken to people in the local community, including Algoma, and they appreciate the forceful actions and concrete actions that have been taken to protect the steel industry and the steel workers in Sault Ste. Marie and Canada.”

He went on to explain that the American tariffs are foolish because Canada and the States have such an integrated market when it comes to steel.

“Steel is made in Sault Ste. Marie, but it’s made from coal and iron ore from four states in America and shipped up here on American trucks and boats – you’ll potentially see job losses in that supply chain,” he said. “Then the steel is put into the upstream supply chain – that’s going to be a tax on Americans – it’s going to cost them more to buy their cars, their refrigerators, their cans of beer that are aluminum. It’s not the smart thing to do, but we’re appreciative to the retaliation – it’s very targeted.”

He explained how Canada plans to retaliate, saying:

“We’re going to place tariffs on their steel and aluminum industries, but also on their products.” (Click here to see which products will contain retaliation tariffs).

Sheehan talked about the importance of continuing to work with everyone in the community – like the All-Party Steel Caucus.

“We’re going to continue our lobbying efforts. I’m making calls into Washington, I’m working with the associations, and we’re going to continue that work to continue to press on the United States the importance of actually having free trade, because their tariff is going to represent free trade.”

He explained the purpose of the countermeasures and retaliation, saying he wants the States to see how bad their decision is going to be.

“They are going to hurt the economy of North America and the world, because these tariffs have also been launched on Mexico and Europe – it’s been a full out tariff of steel and aluminum in place for them as well,” he said. “So, we’re going to continue to work very hard on this on behalf of the community of Sault Ste. Marie – the steel workers, and all the families, the supply chain jobs – direct and indirect jobs – pensioners, to continue that fight. And Trudeau demonstrated his strong support for the steel industry in Sault Ste. Marie and Canada.”

Sheehan said that, back in March when Trump announced the potential of tariffs, the community responded clearly that they wanted the federal government to take countermeasures to retaliate.

“I reassured the community then that we would retaliate and today we have retaliated,” he continued. “We made a promise, we kept the promise today and we retaliated. The people said quite strongly that they wanted retaliatory measures put in place that would result in the Americans realizing that Canada wouldn’t roll over and play dead. This retaliation will – and it’s not aimed at the people itself – hopefully make the American people realize the foolhardiness of the administration, realize the foolhardiness of the United States putting tariffs on Canada. Because it’s ultimately going to hurt the Americans and their economy.”

Press Release –

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico:
Today, the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, spoke with President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico.
The leaders expressed their strong concerns and deep disappointment with the imposition of U.S. tariffs on Canadian and Mexican steel and aluminum exports.  They also discussed the North American Free Trade negotiations and agreed to continue working toward a mutually beneficial outcome.
The Prime Minister and President committed to stay in close contact on these and other issues of shared concern.
-The Prime Minister’s Office – Communications




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