Local TV is Back “ONN” the Air!


Today is the day. The official launch of ONNtv – the Sault’s new local tv station, streaming to devices everywhere!

Live programming starts at 8am. To catch the premiere of Mornings With…Lou-Anne and Tim, CLICK HERE TO WATCH LIVE


  1. Wed a.m…same problem. How about a comment from the site owners….or is this the best we will get?

  2. Still issues, I even went to the source site tikitv, and issues as there as well. Hope you guys get it fixed

    • Hi Len… we had performed extensive testing over the past few weeks and now have confirmation that the issue is on our delivery network’s end. They are working to resolve a number of issues we are experiencing. Thanks for the feedback 😉

  3. Extremely choppy on high speed. The echo quality is poor and slightly annoying. Constantly freezing and then shutting down.

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