Lock It Up


Sault Ste. Marie Police showed their concern for community people at the Downtown Association Board this month.

Constable Robert Gioja disclosed concerns and rising rates of thefts from cars in the downtown area.

He recommends these tips on behalf of the Sault Police to keep your belongings safe.

  1.  Don’t leave personal identification, vehicle registration, or insurance certification in the vehicle.
  2.  Remove all valuables and shopping bags from plain sight.
  3.  Never leave vehicle running while unattended.
  4.  Assure all windows are up and doors are locked when the car is unattended.
  5.  Never leave loose change or credit cards in plain sight.
  6.  Do not leave your keys in your vehicle.
  7.  Park in a well-lit area.

“Your Safety is first”, so get involved in crime prevention and try to use the tips given above to secure yourself from theft.

Moreover, drug consumption has increased and now at this time of the year, more needles are found on the ground due to the melting of the snow.

Sault Ste. Marie Police advises also to watch your children and pets so as not to get infected or harmed by the needles.

For any additional safety tips or concerns, Visit ssmps.ca or contact the Sault St. Marie Police Service.

This article was written by: Pooja Sharma Sault College Co-op Placement Student.


  1. Should law enforcement follow these tips too?! Just in case they wanna leave their vehicle running and someone takes off with it.

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