UPDATE: McCleave-Kennedy Responds

Michele McCleave-Kennedy

Update: McCleave-Kennedy spoke to ONNTv about Ross Romano’s statement.

When asked about Romano’s allegations of falsified phone calls from NDP party volunteers, she said:

“Well, first of all, I don’t agree with the Doug Ford bullying tactics that are being used here. If you have a problem with my platform or the NDP party, or myself, that’s one thing, we can discuss that. But to go after my volunteers, who are a group of people who came to help out with my campaign, that give their own time and give their own energy – and they’re a dedicated group of volunteers that come out to discuss things – I find that just terrible.”

She explained that when her volunteers make the phone calls, they discuss:

  • The 30 per cent hydro reduction
  • The healthcare plan
  • How Andrea Horwath said that there will be 600 beds that will be shovel-ready here in Sault Ste. Marie, and
  • The education platform.

“It’s all here in our plan. It’s costed in our plan, and everything is there. That’s what been discussed on the phone.”

McCleave-Kennedy declined to comment on the Steel Workers Debate debacle, but did address the endorsement between the USW Local 2251 and PC Party candidate Ross Romano.

“Well, I’m disappointed, but that just shows the work that I need to do here in Sault Ste. Marie – that I need to get myself out there to all of the doors in Sault Ste. Marie and show people in our community that I’ll work for them, as I have worked for them over the years,” she said. “There’s a change for the better in Sault Ste. Marie, and I’m the one who’s going to bring that change for the better. And I need to get that message out there, to all of the people in the Sault.”

NDP candidate Michele McCleave-Kennedy send the following statement to SaultOnline.The release was sent in response to a statement received earlier today from PC candidate Ross Romano. You can read that here.

It seems Mr. Romano is personally offended by what his leader Doug Ford has declared time and time again. The question is, does Mr. Romano support Doug Ford and his cut and privatize agenda?

Mr. Ford has said on many occasions that he will cut 4% of the provincial budget which is a $6 billion cut from the public services that we depend on, like hospitals, schools, and seniors care.

Mr. Ford has said he will “leave no stone unturned” when it comes to what he will privatize – threatening even health care.

Mr. Ford also supports Kathleen Wynne’s privatization of Hydro – he is backing Wynne’s $40 billion hydro borrowing scheme that will see our PUC bills skyrocket by 70% after the election.

Doug Ford’s Conservatives have sided with Kathleen Wynne’s cuts and privatization agenda that has made life harder for families in Sault Ste. Marie and across the province.

Mr. Romano owes it to the people of the Sault to be straightforward about how these cuts and privatization will hurt everyone here in our city.

It’s very difficult to see how Mr. Ford will reduce the price of gasoline – another claim he has made – when he sides with big oil companies who will continue to drive up gas prices at the pump.

And how can Doug Ford support public healthcare when he believes in privatization and a budget cut of $6 billion that will mean further cuts that our health care system can’t handle?

Mr. Romano needs to come clean, does he support Mr. Ford’s $6 billion in cuts to our public services and more privatization?

The people of Sault Ste. Marie deserve to know.


  1. Frank…we know nothing about Fords finances. Why does he keep promising his platform but fails to deliver??? You know the answer,,,he would then not have to be accountable to voters.

  2. This ndp candidate in SSM is truly unbelievable. she represents a party that will tank this province to a depth that no rational, reasonably intelligent tax payer can even fathom. Where is horwath going to get the tax money to do what she claims she will do. horwath states she will buy back the Hydro one shares if she wins. Does our local ndp rep or horwath even know how much tax money that will cost ??? Folks, I don’t think so !!!
    These dippers campaign slogan is free, free, FREE, free,free……. seriously ?? The ndp keep promising to mortgage the family farm so they could give away…….everything and horwath has no problem living in this make believe world she wants for this province. Folks, the interest on wynne’s DEBT is $ 1 BILLION/month. The DEBT is know over $ 350 BILLION. Folks, horwath is actually getting just a bit arrogant because she thinks she’s neck & neck with the PCs. I do not believe that the good, honest, responsible, hard working tax payers of this province will make this mistake again. 1990 seems like it was yesterday folks, and many of you must remember what bob rae did to this province. Increased welfare by 22.8 %, got rid of 125,000 middle class jobs, gave us “rae days” (unpaid vacation days) so that hard working Ontarians could pay for his generous social programs. Folks, nothing is free, except in horwath’s imaginary world of lollipops and rainbows, and unicorns and pie in the sky politics. There’s consequences to free stuff folks, and if by some miracle of miracles, she wins…………..folks, we’re in deep shit. Seriously !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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