Michele McCleave-Kennedy hits the streets (photos)


Wind and rain did not stop NDP supporters, and our local candidate, Michele McCleave-Kennedy, from rallying.

Supporters cheered and waved signs in support of McCleave-Kennedy outside of her campaign headquaters on Queen St. this afternoon.

McCleave-Kennedy sat down to share her platform with SaultOnline following the rally.

McCleave-Kennedy, president of the Sault Ste. Marie Labour Council, a member of the Community Adjustment Committee, and vice-president of the Ontario Federation of Labour, as well as dedicated volunteer and coach for local baseball teams and figure-skaters, she is no stranger to the Sault and it’s needs.

She’s also no stranger to lobbying the government, and promises to fight for the Sault.

“If we have the $6 billion dollar cuts that Doug Ford has said he will do, we will suffer big time in Sault Ste. Marie. We will lose a lot of our social services.”

This is a huge concern amongst many Saultites, primarily since the W5 Documentary Steeltown Down, which has sparked the conversation surrounding the front-line services offered in the Sault and a desperate cry for more government assistance. (Read SaultOnline’s take on that here).

“There needs to be change in Sault Ste. Marie, and I think I can be that change,” McCleave-Kennedy stated.

She continued, “We have been door-knocking, and some of the common concerns we have heard are about hydro rates, the dwindling economy, the waits for healthcare, and the waits for (mental health) services… Other concerns include the need to diversify the economy, with other resources through lumber, mining, and renewing rail in Northern Ontario.”

She stands firmly behind the NDP’s platform, stating, “All of those needs are addressed in that platform.” (The full platform can be found here).

McCleave-Kennedy encourages everyone to get informed and vote.



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