More traffic signals may be removed


More traffic signals may be removed if city council agrees this Monday, concerning Wellington Street West.

The reconstruction of the Fort Creek Aqueduct along Wellington Street West from St. Andrew’s Terrace to Carmen’s Way is proceeding this summer. Public Works and Engineering Services have reviewed the intersection of Huron Street and Wellington Street to verify if the warrants for traffic signalization are still relevant.

Removal of those traffic signals will save the city about $40,000 plus no cost of maintenance to the signals going forward.

On May 3, 2016, warrant studies for both traffic signal and all-way stop control were completed for this intersection. Both studies indicated that signals or all-way stop sign control are not warranted at this location.

Traffic specialist CIMA+ did a review of the intersection as part of the Fort Creek project and confirm that the three legged intersection will function well with stop control on Huron Street. CIMA+’s report did make some suggestions regarding possible restrictions to on-site parking to enhance sight distances which the city should implement.

Since the intersection will require reconstruction due to the Fort Creek Aqueduct replacement, the report says it would be wise to restore the intersection without the traffic signals at this time rather than replace them with new signals.


  1. There is little traffic using this intersection (turning left on to Wellington) since Carmen’s Way was built. Get rid of the light and that eliminates the fools who block the intersection by RJs when they know they can’t get through the green light going west on Wellington because of heavy ‘rush minute’ traffic.
    If the idiotic drivers that very often pull such manoeuvres throughout the city had their license taken away we could leave that light in. Then again if that was the case there may only be about 100 licensed drivers left in the city🤣

  2. I doubt this firm did all that thorough an analysis. In a properly designed city, sure the light makes no sense. However, our city is a mess of 2 lane roads (1 1/2 in winter) and artery bottlenecks, and taking this light out will increase traffic to other roads (most of which will not be welcome by local residents) during commute time.

    If Carmen’s Way was properly designed (4 lane all throughout), this wouldn’t be much of an issue. However, it just takes 1 transport or train stopped on the tracks (happens often enough) to slow traffic to a crawl.

  3. Leave the traffic lights be or there will be hundreds of accidents and possible deaths. You should have learned by your past mistakes. Remove city council and replace with androids they will do a better job and not be flaky like the current bunch.

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