Myers to Run for School Board

Susan Myers

Sault Ste. Marie – Susan Myers visited the City Clerk’s office today and filed her nomination papers, but not to run for her current spot in ward 2 nor for any other seat on City Council.

The three term council member is now a candidate in ward 2 running for Trustee with Algoma District School Board.

Myers says, “I feel it is time to wrap up my service on City Council.  It has been twelve very interesting and fulfilling years. I have thoroughly enjoyed representing the electorate in ward 2”.

When asked why she wants to serve as a school board trustee Myers said she wants to remain actively involved in the fabric of Sault Ste. Marie.  “I know it is not uncommon for members of City Council to have once served as school board trustees. I see it as an important role to serve a completely different segment of our community; our youngest citizens.  I totally embrace the Board’s motto and goal, to develop Confident learners, caring citizens.”

“I have to admit that in my employment career and over my three terms on City Council, I have not had an extensive interface specific to education of our youth.  However, in recent months many matters have come before us at Council that led me to think about our children, at the elementary and secondary ages”.

She goes on to say that the recent educational sessions presented to City Council spoke loudly to her.  “We have been informed about the very serious opioid crisis in our community.  The idea of reaching our children through the school system has come up a few times.  It has made me realize anew, the responsibility we have as community leaders.  We need to protect and equip our young people through education, in every way possible.”

Myers concludes with stating “I want to take the experience I gained during my twelve years on City Council and make a contribution as a trustee with Algoma District School Board. I want to support the children as they are the future of this community I love”.


  1. Retirement would have been a much better option as it would for many of those on city council. They are beyond their ‘best before dates’ without question, but as long as they get re-elected they will continue to milk our tax dollars and keep the city at a standstill.

  2. I sincerely think we need more transparency at the ADSB than Ms. Myers is able to give. Over the last term, she has been responsible for a lot of back room skullduggery on council like SafeCity has mentioned. In her first two terms she has used the pseudonym “Lance” on social media to bash groups who she did not agree with. Is this the type of governance we want for our children????

  3. Please take note of the past term with Myers on council. I don’t what could be fulfilling about cutting daycare, bussing and the fire service. I certainly will not put my vote down for this one.

  4. One drama queen gone, two to go. Actually there are a few drama kings that shoed go as well.

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