On Camera: Car Batteries Valued At Over $800 Stolen From Wal-Mart


Crime Stoppers and the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service are asking for your assistance in identifying two suspects in a theft.

From the 17th to the 21st of April a male and female attended at Wal-Mart Station Mall in a silver Dodge Journey.

The suspects entered the store individually on four different occasions taking six car batteries valued at over $800.00.

The suspects exited the store through a service door in every incident.

The suspects were caught on camera arriving, entering and leaving the store.

If you can identify these individuals and your tip leads to an arrest you may be eligible for a cash reward.

If you have information on this crime or any other crime call Crime Stoppers at 705-942-7867 or 1-800-222-8477. Type a tip through our website at www.saultcrimestoppers.com  or download the P3 app.


  1. I was there the other day and I witnessed a young man put a package of butter tarts into a recycle shopping bag and walk out with it. (Station Mall). I immediately said to the cashier at the check hey he’s walking out and he just stole butter tarts ( who knows what else was in the bag. Butter tarts were the dessert I’m assuming). Anyways the cashier who had a line up says “oh well”. And continues with her customer. Not a “thank you I’ll call security”.
    This is the third time in the last month I’ve seen people steal from there. Last time I saw someone pocket a roast beef! Reported all of them of course.

  2. That’s not a real crime come on! The way we are being ripped off by the gas company’s and the way the government treats us. That’s a crime!

  3. With the amount of money Walmart makes, you would think they would have better cameras and in better positions like right in the door frame to catch their faces as they exit.

  4. Where is the security when all this thievery is going on?
    WE are paying for this. I have been seeing substantial price increases up to 35% on some items lately! Time to be extra careful about what you buy and don’t buy at Walmart.

  5. WOW…that takes a lot of nerve. These stores need to get high quality HD cameras and then maybe we might be able to identify these scoundrels.

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