Ontario Liberals target ‘fiscal mistakes’ made by NDP as campaign heats up


TORONTO — Ontario’s Liberal leader is highlighting the differences between her party and the New Democrats as she attacks the latter for faulty arithmetic.

At a news conference on Monday, Kathleen Wynne called the NDP’s $1.4 billion miscalculation a “big mistake” that failed to demonstrate responsible governance.

NDP leader Andrea Horwath addressed the issue on Sunday night, saying a $700 million reserve fund was counted as revenue rather than an expense.

Horwath said the error will affect deficit projections for several years, but vowed that her party will keep its spending promises.

On Monday, Wynne also rejected suggestions that the NDP will provide a more appealing option to voters looking for an alternative to Doug Ford’s poll-leading Progressive Conservatives.

She stressed the differences in the two parties’ childcare policies, calling the Liberal plan was more practical than the NDP’s proposal, which she said would create waiting lists and backlogs.

The Liberals are expected to address the NDP’s budget in more detail later in the day.

The Canadian Press