OSSTF/FESSO to endorse Local NDP Candidates


Speaking today at NDP candidate Michele McCleave-Kennedy’s campaign office, Ontario Secondary School Teacher’s Federation presidents Harvey Bischof and Kevin Hogan (District 2) threw their support behind both McCleave-Kennedy and Algoma-Manitoulin candidate Michael Mantha.

The OSSTF decided to endorse the local NDP because their platforms have a significant similarity when it comes to education in Ontario.

“As we reviewed the platform presented by candidates, such as Michele, OSSTF/FESSO members were excited to see the significant alignment between our vision for publicly funded education in Ontario, as found in our education platform, and the priorities identified in the NDP election platform,” Bischof said. “Public education is perhaps Ontario’s most important investment in the future, and our members continue to dedicate their time and energy to strengthening that system. Just as we have for nearly 100 years.”

NDP candidates, such as Michele McCleave-Kennedy and Michael Mantha, are “promoting the kind of responsible, supportive approach to public services that my members can get behind,” he continued.

This stands in stark contrast to the threat that a Doug Ford government would pose to the work the OSSTF does on behalf of students from JK to university.

“Well he refuses to admit it, the Doug Ford platform, to the extent there is one, would blow a hole in crucial public services that could take decades to recover from,” Bischof stated. “Therefore, on behalf of OSSTF/FESSO, we’re encouraging our members to support the NDP candidates. I’m proud to give them our endorsement.”

McCleave-Kennedy said the endorsement is important to her because of her background in education. She’s been an educational support staff in the Sault since 1990.

“This is my union. I work with students with special needs. I’ve been lobbying the government for a number of years and this educational platform aligns with the NDP platform; it’s one of the reasons that I decided to run,” she said. “When I saw the NDP platform, I was very excited to be part of it, running on this platform. We need to make some changes for education to have a healthy community. Hopefully we can all work together when we have the next government, and we can get things happening in education and get some things moving in the right direction.”


  1. There should be laws banning political speech by unions, organizations and corporations…! It’s people that vote and elect their representatives not these so called entities…! Do your job and represent your members diligently and that’s it…! Corruption at its finest…!

  2. Obviously the Teachers union has forgotten what happened the last time they voted in the NDP.
    Do the words SOCIAL CONTRACT come to mind? They should!!

  3. The NDP is a bad joke that is not even worth consideration.
    Vote PC folks or Ontario is screwed, screwed, screwed!
    Votes for any other parties in SSM are votes for the brain dead Fiberals.

  4. The endorsement of the teachers of the NDP does not bind teachers to vote NDP. They are free to vote as they like…we do still have a secret ballot system.

  5. Surprise, surprise folks !!! The public servant union is supporting a socialist party, where the pot of money is a bottomless pit that sees no boundaries. horwath has a slogan of “free stuff” for everyone and the teachers’ union can live with that. Even if this union doesn’t care what happens to the children of these people. Their children’s future is destined to be a very huge mortgage that starts with wynne’s libs of $350 Billion and, if by some miracle, horwath wins, she continues down that same path & she will keep this next generation paying for their parents mistakes. But, there is a light at the end of this dark ndp tunnel; not all union members of teachers or steel plant workers vote for the socialist parties. Thank God !!!!! There’s consequences for everything we do folks. I guess $1 Billion dollars per month to service the Ontario debt is a drop in the bucket for these dippers. Please get out your vote on June 7. Your children are counting on you. To say it in simple terms- if horwath’s ndp wins….. this province is screwed !!! Seriously !!!!!

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