PC Leader Doug Ford hammered over alleged data theft; police probe urged


SAULT STE MARIE, Ont. — The rookie leader of Ontario’s poll-leading Progressive Conservatives came under concerted attack on Saturday over allegations his candidates for next month’s election might have used stolen data to further their cause.

The leaders of the Liberals and New Democrats called for the police and Elections Ontario to investigate the alleged data theft, while PC Leader Doug Ford dismissed the attack.

At a campaign event in Baysville, Ont., Saturday, Ford said he won the Tory leadership to “clean up the mess” in his party — and said he had done so, blaming his predecessor for any problems.

“This goes back to Patrick Brown,” Ford said. “You want to get answers on this, Patrick Brown was the leader under this whole group of people.”

One Tory candidate nominated under Brown was Simmer Sandhu, who resigned Wednesday from a riding northwest of Toronto, citing unspecified allegations about his work life and nomination campaign.

His resignation came shortly after his former employer issued a statement about what it called an “internal theft of customer data” affecting 60,000 people.

“We heard of one candidate,” Ford said. “As you know, I acted immediately. If there’s any other issues, I can assure you I’ll deal with it immediately.”

Police in York Region have confirmed they are looking into a data breach from the 407 Express Toll Route — the private highway that runs north of Toronto.

During a campaign rally in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., NDP Leader Andrea Horwath shot back at her opponent.

“I have a news flash for Mr. Ford: He’s now the leader of the party,” said Horwath. “It’s now his responsibility to own up to what his party has done.”

Horwath said she has filed a complaint about the data breach with Elections Ontario, but has yet to hear what form their investigation might take.

Liberal campaign co-chair Deb Matthews rejected Ford’s explanation as a brush-off that didn’t hold up to scrutiny.

“He said as soon as he found out there were problems, he acted — that is untrue,” Matthews said in Toronto.

Matthews played an audio recording of Ford made in February, during the Tory leadership campaign to replace Brown. In it, Ford said he knew of as many as 40 ridings where “scandalous” practices had been used in nominations.

She also said she had recently received a text message from Ford’s party — even though she had never given her cellphone number to the Progressive Conservatives. She later said she no longer has the text.

Matthews called any potential use of the alleged stolen 407 data an “unforgivable breach of ethics” and said every Conservative candidate was now “under the shadow of suspicion.”

The Liberals are also calling on Ford to bring in the provincial police to investigate his party’s nomination process across the province.

In a statement Saturday, Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne said the PCs should purge their database of any illegally obtained voter information connected the alleged Highway 407 data breach, fire all candidates linked to the alleged breach and invite Elections Ontario to investigate the allegations.

“Those who aspire to lead our province have an obligation to put the integrity of our electoral process ahead of partisan gain, political ambition or, indeed, any other consideration. Mr. Ford has an opportunity to act,” Wynne said in the statement.

Horwath, too, said Ford has to come clean before the June 7 election, given the “legitimate” concerns voters have.

“We only have a couple of weeks (left) in this election,” Horwath said.

“The people of Ontario deserve to know … where did that data end up (and) is it impacting this election?”

Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press


  1. Wait…….highway 407 data? Are they suggesting only liberal party members use that highway or something? So the data can somehow be used in a more illegitimate way than other data? I received liberal and NDP flyers in my mail box, how did they get that info? lol

    • Canada Post. You send out your marketing info, pay your fee to the postal service and they distribute it like every other piece of mail. All data census is easy accessible by the public so you send out to areas where you have a mid to strong support. Nothing illegal with mail distributions.

  2. Another sad attempt of the liberals to try to win this election again. They are the dirtiest party and will pull out any and all stops to keep bankrupting Canada. Ford’s still got my vote!!

    • Seriously? How isn’t it? The liberals have been on the attack since the running has started. Kathryn wynn is so scared of losing she will pull out all the stop to attempt to destroy ford. Look at all the cover ups between wynn and McGinty, all the lies and scandals with the power plant. The misrepresentation of the budget and the actual money that is being spend to what is shown to the public. The liberals cant tell the truth even if they were paid too.
      This right here is a liberal move and they will continue to try to shut down any party.

    • No
      Liberals are asking that Ford be investigated for something he had nothing to do with. It was something that happened under prior leadership. It would be like you getting hired somewhere, then being accused of a theft that happened a month before you were hired.

    • Don Gagan true. But he is the leader now. The buck stops with him and they are not asking that he be investigated but that an investigation is done to see if his candidates used any of this information.

    • Mark Fluter Remember the huge amount of money they are spending on liberal campaign Well this an example of it nothing buy smearing Fords name But I doubt it will help their cause

    • In audio recording of Ford made in February, during the Tory leadership campaign to replace Brown. In it, Ford said he knew of as many as 40 ridings where “scandalous” practices had been used in nominations. Sorry but the whole “ford isn’t involved thing” isn’t going to work when he was caught on audio talking about it lol. He also broke election laws last week by showing up to a fundraiser he wasn’t allowed to be at. Are you people really going to keep denying Fords bullshit, keep making up excuses for him and pointing fingers at everyone else? It isn’t the libs and ndp sinking the ford ship he is doing it to himself because that is what conservatives do. They are only out to fill their pockets and their other rich friends pockets. Anyone thinking he is a populist out for the little guy when he was born into money and had everything handed to him his whole life is beyond clueless and should really do some research and stop listening to other stupid people or bias news articles. You want to talk about election spending lol Do you not remember all the wasted tax money harper spent to try to discredit trudeau? Keep on lying people and doing what cons do every election and try to spread fear and misinformation around.

    • Not sure why Anne is even speaking here when it says she lives out in alberta. Maybe focus on your local area instead of our city mmk? Just go look at Anne’s page she shares rebel media posts and other alt right propaganda. Nothing more. She is still heavily up stephen harpers ass, I smell a troll. I wonder if she just spends all day going around news sites for different election ridings lying about shit like this.

    • Not fake, you are just stupid enough to buy into Ford’s bullshit lol. Voice recordings don’t lie. Maybe you just took too many hits to the head in football who knows.

    • Ryan Boissineau can you explain to me who you are voting for?

      This guy? Who is pulling all the NDP strings? Or liberals? Both increasing taxes and business taxes. Guess what that will do? Take away your money and your jobs. Maybe you need a couple hits to the head to get that useless thing working. Or maybe just stop the hard drugs

    • Ideologically, Singh identifies as both a progressive and a social democrat. He advocates raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, decriminalizing personal possession of all drugs, and supports eliminating several tax deductions available to the highest-income earners. So what is wrong with that? Unless you are one of the highest income earners….

    • Bruce Doran minimum wage, tax scam. Forces inflation costing everyone more money. Giving the government or tax dollars to waste. Inflation is very bad. I think by now the whole world is on board with legalization of marijuana. Not a new platform. Eliminating any tax reduction only leaves bills to cut more deductions. Just like the family income splitting. It wasn’t the goal but in the wake they took that too. Nothing special in my mind. Giving nothing back. No relief to any Canadian. Except weed?

      I must note, most don’t understand, I don’t care who you vote for as long as it is not liberal or NDP. Vote the northern or green party. But the NDP and liberals are hiking taxes on both personal and businesses. You won’t be able to afford weed if they stay in power

    • Bruce, he takes his info from alt right propaganda he is utterly clueless. He says don’t vote for NDP or Liberal cause he wants PC to win lol. Just read that post he wrote it says enough^ He thinks the point of legalizing all drugs is so people can buy weed. He doesn’t understand things from a perspective outside of his own ideological bubble he has created for himself. Just like he doesn’t understand how bad the PC will be for a city like this. His priorities are only for himself and his party not the better of our city or the ones struggling in it. He could care less long as Ford wins. It’s like rooting for a sports team for him.

    • Ryan Boissineau you make no sense? Legalizing all drugs? Can you even read? How high are you? The perspective I have is, I’m done paying taxes, I’m done having the government take my money away from my family and I and giving it away. Throwing it away. Billion dollar scandals. Unless you are on welfare Ryan, I don’t understand why you are ok with being over taxed and receiving nothing. Do you pay taxes? Do you lose 60% of your income to taxes? Paying for living bills and food leaves nothing else. Under the liberal and NDP platform, there is no tax relief. Your bubble must be lined in gold, because most Canadians can’t afford these to useless governments

    • LMFAO dude just shut up, do you not understand how thick headed you sound. “I’m done paying taxes” Sorry but everyone pays taxes its why we have things like free health care. Don’t want to pay taxes, go move to a different country then that doesn’t have them. I can’t even talk logic to you anymore. You just keep on with this conservative rhetoric. Everyone pays taxes, you are no better then or important then anyone else who does. Our income taxes are lower than the states right now.. Do you do any research at all or does doug ford have a hand out for talking points that are made up.

    • I gave up along time ago trying to make sense to you. Like i said you just spout out false bullshit you prolly read on an alt right page and think oh that must be real cause I read it on the internet.

      Fact: Lowest unemployment in decades
      Fact: Income Tax lower then the states for the first time in decades.
      Fact: Fastest Growth in the G7

      You say everything the cons try every election lol, try to scare people with shit that isn’t even true. http://www.oecd.org/tax/tax-policy/taxing-wages-20725124.htm

    • The OECD’s study, “Taxing Wages 2018,” found that the employee net average tax rate for a single person in Canada with no children was 22.8 per cent in 2017, the 11th lowest among 35 OECD countries. The U.S. clocked in at 26.1 per cent. (costs a lot to run a country based on military)

      The difference is much more extreme when it comes to households with children, thanks to the Liberals’ expanded child benefit.

      “The employee net average tax rate for an average married worker with two children in Canada was reduced to 1.2 per cent in 2017, which is the 32nd lowest in the OECD,” the report noted.

      In other words, an average one-income household with two children now keeps 98.8 per cent of their gross income, once the child benefit is factored in. In the U.S., the same family would pay 14.2 per cent in taxes, a tax rate some 12 times higher than in Canada.

      Thanks liberals for the child tax benefit. I have no children but it helps people who are really struggling, Might even help josh out, though he wont admit it.

    • Not taking other things into account Josh, please try to keep up. So where is this 60% of your wage you are paying in income taxes you claimed josh? Cause by the looks of it unless you are a multimillionaire, I think you are just talking out of your ass more.

    • Ryan Boissineau talking about singles? The only people in Canada getting relief? It’s better to have kids and no spouse? This kind of society? You do understand what you are saying right? $31,416.26 to $26,649.35. To equivalent incomes. Kiddo, thanks for the entertainment

    • an average one-income household with two children now keeps 98.8 per cent of their gross income, once the child benefit is factored in. In the U.S., the same family would pay 14.2 per cent in taxes, a tax rate some 12 times higher than in Canada. I am simply copying what the research showed. You know a study where actual research is done. One that isn’t politically bias and is done for over 30 countries. It’s cool I doubt you’ll read it, you seem to prefer alt right propaganda vs reality. I already got you figured out more then you think dude. I see you slipping by resorting to insults and attacks and names like kiddo and whatever else you can manage to try to convince yourself you are the “man” still, you said you were leaving like 20 mins ago yet you continue to reply. Cause we both know it’s getting to you, to have your ego kicked down a few pegs, prolly not something you are use to in life. I am sure you haven’t ever had to worry about when your next meal is. That is why nothing you say really is of any importance. You are simply speaking for you and others who have had most everything handed to them. Much like Ford. Prolly never had to struggle a day in your life, but you know keep complaining about having to pay taxes while people can’t even feed themselves in our city. Who rely on things like the child tax, social assistance, minimum wage etc in order to survive. https://read.oecd-ilibrary.org/taxation/taxing-wages-2018_tax_wages-2018-en

    • Ryan Boissineau well you should look further into that research. I have two kids between my girl and I. She recieves 230$ a month for two kids because combined we make to much? And that number will get lower. A single parent on welfare will receive in excess of 500$ a child. So that research is far from correct. I am living through it. I paid 27000k in income tax last year alone. The gov did not give me or her anything. But now we pay for daycare while at work. An additional cost of about 6000$ a year. Where is this 98%? I’ll take 20k, hell I’ll take 10k back

    • Anyways, I’d love to sit and argue with you all day about why the PC are terrible but I got other things to do, sorry for calling you stupid but I was just mirroring your insults back to you. Peace.

  3. Nice try libertards. I hope Ontarians aren’t that stupid to fall for this again. Every single election it is against the pc. But never against the scammers. Fails every year? Gee I wonder why

    • You are the stupid one obviously lol, cause you can’t fake audio recordings. Clearly you don’t even read shit just flap your lips like Ford does. I see you josh on most every post talking nonsense and trying to use fear and lies to slander anyone else but the PC. This is what the conservative party is lol. “Matthews played an audio recording of Ford made in February, during the Tory leadership campaign to replace Brown. In it, Ford said he knew of as many as 40 ridings where “scandalous” practices had been used in nominations.” Yup must be lies when it’s fords own voice admitting to it back in Feb. Josh.. you should really just shut up at this point. You talk out of your ass.

    • Did it cost Ontarians billions of tax dollars? Did it rig an election? What data was breach? An email address? Just another ploy. You can’t believe everything you read. Guilty before innocent right? Hmm

  4. Don’t let this trash distract you from voting for the PC party. They deserve a shot. The Liberals had theirs and failed miserably, blowing billions of our hard earned money. Remember if you vote for anyone but the PC party you are voting for more of the crooked lying Liberals that have more scandals than any party, and the crazy Wynne to burn billions more of our money.

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