PCs, Liberals aim attacks at NDP as polls put them at same support as PCs


TORONTO — Both the Progressive Conservatives and the Liberals are setting their sights on the NDP today, as new polls suggest the party is tied for the most support in the Ontario election.

The Tories accuse the New Democrats of having several “radical” candidates, including Sept. 11 conspiracy theorists and a woman who is against wearing a poppy on Remembrance Day.

The Liberals are attacking what they call an “irrational” plan by the NDP to start decommissioning the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station this year.

The long-term energy plan released by the Liberal government last year has Pickering operating until 2024, and they say shutting it down this year would put Ontario’s energy supply and the production of medical isotopes at risk.

The Liberals are also continuing to hammer the NDP on their platform funding, after leader Andrea Horwath admitted over the weekend that an error would leave them with a deficit that’s $1.4 billion larger than originally planned.

The ramped up attacks on the NDP come as two recent polls suggest the NDP have the same amount of support as the Progressive Conservatives, with the Liberals consistently trailing behind.

The Canadian Press