PM open to election law reform amendments amid threat to cut short debate


OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau says he welcomes amendments from opposition parties to his government’s proposed reforms to laws governing federal political parties and elections.

The prime minister is stressing his openness to amendments in response to Conservative demands that government advertising and ministerial travel be limited in the three months preceding an election call.

Bill C-76 would limit spending by parties and advocacy groups during the pre-writ period but, unless government ads and ministers are also constrained, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says the legislation will benefit the ruling Liberals and harm opposition rivals.

Scheer also says the bill does nothing to stop advocacy groups from using foreign money to influence the outcome of elections.

Trudeau says he’s open to “reasoned” amendments on that front as well.

Conservatives and New Democrats, however, are accusing the government of “bullying” opposition parties by threatening to impose time limits on debate over C-76.


The Canadian Press


  1. Folks, this so-called pm is absolutely unbelievable !!! We’ve got major, consequential matters that need immediate attention, like, you know, the pipeline, 1000’s of migrants crossing into Canada, illegally, NAFTA falling part and this junior pm is running around, speaking at American universities, sharing God knows what knowledge and expertize he has to share with these much smarter, aspiring young people. trudeau has been very good at avoiding responsibility, and I would suggest, his poll numbers will continue to tank. Folks, 2019 is just around the corner.

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