PM turns to cyberspy agency to find new national security adviser


OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has raided Canada’s secretive cyberspy agency to find a new national security adviser.

She’s named Greta Bossenmaier, currently chief of the Communications Security Establishment, as his next national security and intelligence adviser.

Bossenmaier takes over the post on May 23 from Daniel Jean, who is retiring after 35 years as public servant.

Jean made headlines when he suggested that factions in India sabotaged the prime minister’s trip to that country in February.

That assertion followed the revelation that Jaspal Atwal — a British Columbia Sikh convicted of attempting to assassinate an Indian minister in 1986 during a visit to B.C. — had been invited to two prime ministerial events during the trip.

During a media briefing, Jean advanced the theory that rogue elements in the Indian government may have arranged for Atwal’s presence in a bid to prevent Prime Minister Narendra Modi from becoming too cosy with a foreign government they believe is overly sympathetic to extremist Sikh separatists.

Jean informed the government in January of his decision to retire, before the controversial India trip.

In a statement announcing the appointment of Bossenmaier, Trudeau praised Jean’s “exceptional career.”

“Mr. Jean has served Canadians with dedication, integrity and excellence over the past 35 years, including in senior roles such as deputy minister of Foreign Affairs and deputy minister of Canadian Heritage,” Trudeau said.




The Canadian Press