‘Polar Bear Express’ will be back up and running Monday.

The Ontario Northland Polar Bear Express passenger train derailed Wednesday night (May 30,2018) with passengers and crew on board. Photo Courtesy Dan W. Beck. May 30,2018.

The Ontario Northland, Polar Bear Express which derailed last night with passengers and crew onboard along the Moosonee to Cochrane route, should be back up and running on Monday, June 4th, 2018, said Ontario Northland Communications Manager, Renee Baker.

Baker stated that their first priority was the safety and wellness of the passengers and crew on board.

“Some passengers incurred minor injuries – bruises and scrapes.” she said. “There were 11 cars on the train, and 5 cars derailed.”

“We wanted to make sure the passengers could safely get into the shade as well, as it was extremely hot out there yesterday. A rescue train brought out nourishment – provisions and water for them.”

The Polar Bear Express was carrying 73 passengers and seven crew members when it left the tracks about 37 kilometres south of Moosonee on its way back to Cochrane around 5:45 p.m.

“We were able to send out our ‘High Rail Truck’ – a large truck that monitors the track. We used the high rail to transport 10 or so passengers at a time to Moosonee. A rescue train was sent out to bring the crew back to Cochrane as well as a few passengers, and this was all completed around 6:00 am today.”

Medical staff from Moosonee were waiting for passengers arriving on the ‘high rail truck’ when they arrived in Moosonee to assess any injuries.

‘Freight is also disrupted at this time.” she said. “We expect the freight train to also be back up and running on Monday.”

“There is an investigation into the cause of the derailment.” shared Baker. “Ontario Northland is working with passengers who have already purchased tickets.”

Baker added that crews are working to determine the cause and repair the rail infrastructure.