Rare Wildlife Encounter in Northwestern Ontario. 2 Lynx Get Acquainted.

Nicole Lewis shot this incredible picture of 2 Canadian lynx locked in a possible dispute. photo courtesy Nicole Lewis/facebook.


A video posted to Facebook over the weekend showing an extraordinary wildlife encounter in Northwestern Ontario, has gone viral with over 6.9 million views as of the morning of May 22nd, 2018.

Watch video here:

just another eve at Avery lake!!so cool and SO RARE to come upon this!!

Posted by Ed Trist on Friday, May 18, 2018

Superior Media reached out to Ed Trist, who shot the video and we received his blessing to share the amazing and rare encounter. Lynx are usually skittish and tend to avoid human contact. But with the camera rolling, both Nicole Lewis and Ed Trist were able to capture the remarkable scene.

Nicole Lewis, Ed Trist and his daughter – all from Dryden, Ontario – were out exploring along a logging road near Avery Lake Friday when they came upon 2 lynx having a real shouting match. Travelling on an ATV, the original intention for the excursion was to catch minnows for a fishing trip.

The lynx encounter shows the two cats butting heads and screeching at each other.

Ed Trist, stated: “Just another evening at Avery Lake – So cool – and so rare to come upon this (scene).”

Avery Lake is located about 40 minutes east of Dryden, Ontario.

The Canadian lynx is a North American mammal of the cat family, Felidae. With the recognised subspecies, it ranges across Canada and into Alaska as well as some parts of the northern United States and extending down the Rocky Mountains to Colorado, where they were reintroduced in the 1990s.

With a dense silvery-brown coat, ruffed face and tufted ears, the Canada lynx resembles the other species of the mid-sized genus Lynx. It is slightly larger than the bobcat, with which it shares parts of its range, and over twice the size of the domestic cat.