River Valley Residents Are Living On The Edge.

River Valley Park

River Valley homeowners continue to live in a precarious state of health. The stress is palpable and life for the 30 or so families living in the Mobile Home park in Aweres Township north of Sault Ste Marie is increasingly atrocious.

With little to no help on the way, it would seem that River Valley homeowners are being left to their own devices.

The owners of River Valley Park, River Valley Park Inc., have essentially stopped communicating with homeowners and have put up a barricade towards any meaningful solution to the Provincial Court ordered Septic system upgrade.

River Valley Trailer Park APH NoticeRiver Valley Park Inc. is due in court in late June, 2018. The court appearance is in relation to charges under the Provincial Environmental Protection Act and Ontario Water Resource Act.

“It’s getting horrendous. The office is closed – We aren’t getting answers – They actually don’t reply – The number for the office (River Valley)  is disconnected and we haven’t seen any signs of the manager (Surinder Dusanjh) in ages.” shared homeowner Faith Hackney.

“We don’t have any person to give our rent to – And now they want to have us place it (rent) into a wooden mailbox, with a small lock on it. The roads are getting worse. The people still don’t have working drains and no one from the ownership has stepped in the drinking water shed to resolve the drinking water issue.” she said. “Some people have received illegal power shutoff notices.”

Homeowner James Sloan said, “There is no indication that the sewage system will be replaced or repaired. With the water system being compromised due to ongoing pressure problems which led to the current boiled water advisory, maintenance of the park does not appear to be part of future plans of the (River Valley Park) owners.





  1. why don’t you verbally attack the true criminals the owner and the manager? because of the few, I have made friends with. I am doing it for them. And I will go down fighting for my Home. I won’t be Silent . Thank Lynn for listening ..

  2. you never once helped to save the park and if you don’t think it is going to get better than you have the right to move out, Faith has done a tremendous amount of work to save her home along without help from ungrateful RESIDENT LIKE YOURSELF, At least she is fighting for us and always was. If things weren’t being done by people like ourselves you would have an eviction order last year. It was faith along with the few that at least was able to keep the Park open for the winter until May 1, 2018. All these public media has been and is arranged by Faith .. all media. She tried with great stress tried to the middle person to try to keep a channel open with the owners and the residents. Trying to get things fixed for people .. she opens the garbage bin every week so you can have garbage disposal she didn’t do that you would have to take it to the dump, we have investors involved and she is a big part .. and the next step that might be a possibility,, Faith has a big part .. you are not privileged to all that is happening and you won’t be ,, what have you done to save your home or the neighbourhood,

  3. Do not put rent in a wooden box. Until they make themselves available to collect the rent in person do not pay it. Agree with other poster here, you should not pay at all at this point, but if you feel you must then everyone should put their rent in an escrow account for the time being.
    They want to starve you out so show them the same courtesy.

  4. NOBODY there should pay these deadbeats another nickel until they prove they are doing something to resolve the issues. Let them try and sue you and see if they have a leg to stand on. When their day in court comes, if they even show, it will be their demise. They have no doubt hidden all of their assets and are prepared to declare bankruptcy if they haven’t already. I hope they are being fined at least $5000 per day.

  5. The first thing they should do is STOP PAYING RENT.Perhaps then they might get the attention of the owner. It is a very tough situation for these home owners to be in and there seems to be no help from anyone

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