Romano Clarifies Steel Worker Debate issue with NDP


PC Party candidate Ross Romano spoke out about the recent debacle involving NDP candidate Michele McCleave-Kennedy that happened at Thursday night’s Steel Worker debate.

Romano told SaultOnline/ONNTv that he felt the debate went well overall, despite backlash from Liberal candidate, Jaclynne Hamel.

“I enjoy debates; I think it’s an excellent opportunity to showcase what’s really important about our democracy,” he said. “I think it’s sort of integral to elections, to be able to sit down with your fellow candidates and debate the issues that matter to the people and the community and it’s an exciting opportunity to highlight what’s so important about our democracy. I hope that through that process we can drive more people to come out and vote.”

He also cleared up the air about the interaction between him and McCleave-Kennedy, saying that his words were misconstrued and he was simply asking for clarification in regards to her statement about workplace injuries and WSIB.


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  1. Methinks the Romano campaign is starting to implode. The poll numbers show the NDP pulling away and in first place. Ford is showing his true colors…no platform…np answers on HOW he will achieve his goals…possible charges regarding breaking campaign rules….Even Romano seems to be distancing himself from Ford(THATS a good thing).

  2. Just his true colours showing. Bully tactics are, discrediting injured workers. Not a surprise from a PC/lawyer. PCs decimated WSIB in the 90’s and The OFL is still trying to repair the damage that was done under Mike Harris. 10s of thousands of workers injured on the job, suffer daily as a result of PC governance.

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