Romano Greets Steelworkers

Ross Romano

This morning Ross Romano stopped by Algoma Steel during the morning shift change for a second time this spring to hand out coffee and donuts to steel workers who were just starting or finishing their day.

“It was another great morning at Algoma today talking to real people about the issues that matter to them. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Our steel workers made one thing clear to me: they don’t want to be stuck paying for campaign promises made by Kathleen Wynne or the NDP as they try to buy votes in Toronto.

They are ready for meaningful change and are energized to see that change happen in Ontario,” said Romano.

Algoma, the lead employer in Sault Ste. Marie with over 2800 employees and approximately 9000 pensioners has been struggling through a period of uncertainty for nearly 3 years now since the company filed for protection under the Companies Creditor’s Arrangements Act (CCAA) court process.

Algoma the company has enjoyed record profits during the same period as steel currently trades at it’s highest rates in a number of years.

“CCAA needs to come to a conclusion. I am encouraged by the progress the Union and Management have made to come to an agreement but there is more work to be done. It is unfortunate that the Liberal government has dragged their feet and failed to deliver results on the provincial issues that are required to bring CCAA to a conclusion and remain outstanding to date. It is important that the environmental liabilities, cap-x issues, pensions and unsecured creditor issues get resolved so that we can all move forward from this difficult process.”

Romano added that the Liberals have repeatedly dodged questions about this matter while being asked to respond to what they have been doing to resolve these issues.

“I believe it is imperative that all those pensioners at Algoma receive what is owed to them in full and I will continue to make that my main priority will be to ensure that happens if re-elected as MPP for Sault Ste. Marie. We also have a number of unsecured creditors here in Sault Ste. Marie that have not been represented throughout the CCAA process. There is $44 million owing to local small and large business’ and these people deserve to be paid. Millions of dollars in municipal taxes remain outstanding and I am committed to make sure those debts are cleared. It’s time that everyone receives their fair share. It is time that all these parties be made whole.”


  1. …..and….keep in mind…Ford is not “premier like”…just like Trump is not presidential . Romano has to cringe with the thought of trying to work with Ford…but…like all the others…he will tow the party line.We are paying a heavy price to dump Wynne…but…SHE HAS TO GO.

  2. Look at what is happening in the US with Trump. I believe we will have some of the same if we allow Ford to win the election. His brother made Canada the laughing stock of the world (before Trump took over that job). This ”Ford” is now embroiled in an accusation of paying party allegiance of certain voters. Doesn’t that begin to tell you something?
    Maybe Romano is the best man for his job, but his boss is definitely not.

  3. The latest poll out today shows the Conservatives and the NDP tied at 37 percent. The Liberals trail with 21 percent. Mr. Ford as leader may cost the Conservatives first place.

  4. Conservatives. If their lips are moving, they are lying! Every-time a Conservative speaks, a Union somewhere is under attack. Nice try Ross! Im sure Romano stood there, alone, eating his donuts!!! Last time Ross visited our mill, he made sure that the Union was not aware! Get over it Ross! You are on the wrong team!” It is the exact same reason Ross didn’t get invited to the round-table with the PM! Steelworkers DO NOT support the very party that wants unions disbanded!

  5. Mr. Romano says the Liberals have dodged questions. Mr. Ford has dodged the question about revealing the party platform. Voters would like to know how things are costed. It seems like a simple request so why the hesitation?

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