Romano Makes Commitment to Supporters


Sault Ste, Marie MPP and PC Candidate Ross Romano issued the following release Saturday morning

I’ve knocked on tens of thousands of doors across our community. The message voters tell me is clear: we cannot afford another four years of Kathleen Wynne and her reckless Liberal government.

I agree with this message and am always happy to tell residents of Sault Ste. Marie by supporting me, help is on the way! Your support has been so tremendous, especially when it comes to requests for lawn signs.

To all those supporters, I want to thank you for your remarkable encouragement throughout this provincial election campaign. My team and I have been knocking on doors for months now and the response at the doors has been incredible. Your kind words to me have been greatly re-assuring and are such a strong source of motivation to continue our fight to achieve real and meaningful change for Sault Ste. Marie.

Our team of dedicated volunteers has been working around the clock since the election was called trying to answer all of our lawn sign requests. I’m proud to say there have been so many requests through our door knocking campaign as well as walk-ins at our campaign office that we completely depleted our inventory and placed an order last week for even more signs.

Many of you and your neighbors have been waiting for your signs and I appreciate your patience. I’m happy to let you know we just received our most recent shipment.
To keep up with demand I will not be taking a break this long weekend but will be working throughout that period to ensure that you all have your signs on your lawns before Tuesday.


  1. If Romano cannot count the number of houses in the Soo…he would be terrible dishing out taxpayer dollars in Toronto. If he can stretch the number of houses…what else is he not truthful about.?

  2. Let’s have an indoor beach! Who doesn’t know about indoor water parks! And we can get grants for food security, mental health, tourism, climate change, green energy, and make our city the best place to live! Let’s do this!

  3. BS … most people ask what have you done for the Soo … and why the PC government having a similar campaign as Trump .. all politician are the same .. PC talking about this government who started selling our hydro away .. how did you help our hospitals .. we still was getting crap from PC when you were in power .. let’s not forget that

  4. When I mentioned my concerns about the current PC leadership to the PC door to door rep. he said “that’s all the more reason to have Ross at the table” he was stumped when I asked how that would help.

  5. Does anyone know who is the leader of the NDP party??? I think you better look into if if you dont. Surprising what happens when you do yoyr own research. All news media is paid properganda that the government pays for.

  6. Hey Sault online. Why don’t you report on these kinds of facts??,
    I just paid $1.55 a liter for gas on my way to get groceries. How much of MY money did YOUR trip cost? …or did you drive to NY in an economy car to save us a few hundred thousand??? When a can of peas is on sale, I buy ten of them to save a few pennies so that I can afford to pay my taxes. Tell us how you feel getting on your plane with your entourage, spending OUR money as if it was your own! Every time you post something, you’re in another country… giving MY money to another country… apologizing, dressing up, or just slapping me in the face with your extravagance. I DO NOT work for you… YOU work for ME! And the returns have been very, very pathetic. Instead of talking about NAFTA, tell us about your conscience!

  7. I agree Ross has not stood up to the oncoming onslaught of liberal ideologies. Not everyone is a flower child. Some us see the reality which we are facing. Either we put an adult in office or we continue to spiral into Nazi Germany. This isn’t about racism. it is about keeping Canada Canadian. Our laws have been alternated to take away our freedoms. Nobody even bats an eye. Maybe it’s because all Canadian media is paid for by the government. Do you all seriously trust any government?? They have sold us out long long ago. At least with the PC in power it will slow the stupidness down.

  8. He will probably win the election however I will definitely not vote for him. The pcs robbed me of my childhood with their cuts. I will be voting for green. I am anti government because of the PCS but I must vote to get this wyne character out of office

  9. I have been told by some of my Italian friends that you put signs up in front of their homes without their permission. They are afraid to take them down because of potential retaliation in the Italian community and they are not sure about the laws about sign removal.

  10. It’s interesting that Romano doesn’t mention “Ford Nation” in his remarks. There’s no mention whatsoever of Doug Ford, on his campaign material. That to me is telling. When local candidates are distancing themselves from their leader, they are not giving the whole picture. Ontario is not “Ford Nation”. My vote will not be supporting a candidate who represents Ford.

    • Ford has a shady background at best. I cannot see why Romano supports a crook I am hearing a lot of Conservative support has slipped away due to Doug Ford .

    • Not sure why Anne is even speaking here when it says she lives out in alberta. Maybe focus on your local area instead of our city mmk? Just go look at Anne’s page she shares rebel media posts and other alt right propaganda. She is still heavily up stephen harpers ass, I smell a troll. I wonder if she just spends all day going around news sites for different election ridings lying about shit like this.

  11. “Tens of thousands of doors” in the Sault???? I have a really hard time buying that, Ross. Not that many doors in the Sault in the first place, and if you had, I’m sure you would have banged on mine at some point…. You sound too much like your illustrious leader when you say things like that, and he scares the hell out of me… All promises and no substance…

  12. Can’t wait to get to the polls and cut Wynne loose. It’s far overdue that her scary political career ended and the country will be lucky to ever recover from the billions in squandered taxpayer money.

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