Romano: Setting The Record Straight


I pride myself on my integrity, my work ethic and fighting for every resident in Sault Ste. Marie. It was very disappointing to learn that many across Sault Ste. Marie have received misleading phone calls over the past few days from Michele McCleave-Kennedy’s local campaign that are factually incorrect and misleading to voters. These calls are simply filled with lies. They are factually incorrect and Miss McCleave-Kennedy is simply misleading to voters.

Politics can sometimes bring out the worst in people but I didn’t think Michelle and the NDP would resort to these kinds of tactics.

Frankly, the Liberals, backed by the NDP, have made life increasingly unaffordable over the last few years. That is apparent all around our community.

I’d like to set the record straight: When it comes to rent control, we’re going to maintain the status quo. We’re not changing it. The Ontario PC Party will not take rent control away from anyone. Period.

In fact, we are going to fight to make life more affordable. We’ll cut hydro rates another 12 percent, minimum wage workers will pay no income tax, and we will lower your gas prices at the pumps by 10 cents per litre.

Others have received a call where the NDP lie about our healthcare plan. The Ontario PCs support public healthcare. We believe that frontline services are essential services. For the NDP to claim otherwise is again, another lie.

What the NDP won’t tell you is that our plan includes improvements to the public healthcare system. We will cut wait times, end hallway healthcare, introduce dental care for low income seniors, and make a $1.9 billion investment to help those struggling with mental health and addictions.

I have a record of fighting for the people of Sault Ste. Marie on City Council and at Queen’s Park. It’s disappointing that in these calls Michele’s team felt the need to resort to lying about this election and attacked my personal character.

Regardless of how she conducts herself, I will keep fighting, no matter how many lies the NDP attempt to spread. Sault Ste. Marie deserves a strong voice. They deserve honesty and integrity during this campaign and that’s exactly what I’m committed to delivering. In spite of these attacks, I will continue to focus on the issues that matter most to our community who deserve meaningful change. Real people cannot afford Andrea Horwath’s promises. Sault Ste. Marie deserves better.

Ross Romano
Ontario PC Candidate


  1. So, Mr. Romano, you say you bring integrity. I would counter that shaking hands with voting Local 2251 members AS THEY ARE PICKING UP THEIR BALLOTS TO VOTE at the all-candidates meeting on Thursday May 24, was a CLEAR breach of ethics. In addition, I have never, in the several phone calls from the NDP, been told anything negative about YOU or the PCs. So you claiming that that is the case is in itself a LIE. You spend all your time grousing about the other candidates (likely because you feel threatened) instead of outlining your own plan for SSM and Ontario. What IS your plan? You are a typical lawyer; words, words, words. Where are your DEEDS? What have you actually accomplished to better SSM in the past year? Nothing that I can bear witness to so far.

  2. I am really pleased to read that Mr. Romano has some idea of the crisis situation that Health Care is in.

    Mr. Ford, however, has repeatedly stated that he intends to cut more than $6 billion from public services without being clear from which services this money is going to be cut.

    Ford’s statements are very contradictory. Last week, Ford mused in front of reporters about keeping hospital funding at about the same rate that it is currently. Current funding levels in Ontario’s hospitals are the worst in Canada. A substantial injection of new funding is needed just to meet inflation and the aging baby boom population.

    In ridings in Ottawa, London, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Oshawa, Muskoka and Windsor, Conservative candidates have refused to attend all candidates’ debates on Health Care organized by the health coalition, nurses, health professionals and community groups.

    Ontarians deserve to know the entire Conservative plan.

    It isn’t up to the NDP to tell people about the PC’s platform. I am interested in seeing the PC platform! Where can I find it?

    I have left a message on the Conservative Party number to have someone outline the Conservative Platform for me or preferably direct me to a written copy that I could pick up or find on line. The Conservative Website lists 3 points -cut hydro (how? when?), reduce taxes (income tax? sales tax? from whom? from what?) and cut gas prices by 10 cents (from what starting point?).

    • I am sure that is why Ford will not lay out a fiscal platform…we would notice the cuts. If he does make cuts he will be shown to be a liar. Romano is right to distance himself from Ford.

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