Romano welcomes Liberal candidate to the race


Sault Ste. Marie – Today, MPP Ross Romano extended congratulations to Jaclynne Hamel on her nomination as the Ontario Liberal candidate for Sault Ste. Marie.

“I want to extend a warm welcome to Jaclynne Hamel on entering the race and carrying the banner for the Wynne Liberals,” said Romano. “I look forward to seeing all candidates on the campaign trail in the weeks ahead. I hope you share in my belief that this campaign must be based in the principles of accountability, integrity, and the issues that matter the most to the people of Sault Ste. Marie.”

“Admittedly I am not familiar with Jaclynne. I understand from what I saw in the media yesterday that she is employed within Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government. Nonetheless, I welcome Ms. Hamel back home.”

“I trust that her role within the Liberal government has provided her with great insight into Kathleen Wynne’s understanding of the challenges that have plagued northern Ontario and what Kathleen Wynne’s plans are to improve our region. I look forward to hearing this plan, as well as Ms. Hamel’s thoughts on the most pressing and important issues to the people of Sault Ste. Marie, over the course of the next 28 days.”

Ross Romano will be seeking re-election as MPP on June 7th.


  1. i don’t agree with many Liberal decisions, but they don’t withhold rights from women, immigrants, or LGBTQ2 like conservatives do. Canadians generally are fair. So, let’s make things fair again! Check out to see how parties reflect your beliefs. And, help young and non voters have their say. Remember, nearly half of voters didn’t show up. How is our system fair or representative?

  2. Jupiter, please vote, no matter what. They need your help in Canada and, no, you guys can’t have our Emporer Trump! He has , and history will confirm, that President Trump is the greatest President of all time! Lend us Trudeau and we’ll demonstrate the effectiveness of Waterboarding! Lol.

    • How about you send us Trump so he can guide trudeau on how to run a country… the right way! Oh and please include a city mayor. Ours have demonstrated time and time again that they are useless. I’ll pay for the shipping costs! Lol

    • Robyn Hunter that will make it easier when we take/annex Canada and send Islam packing with Trudeaux. Manifest Destiny will give us the right, under God, to secure our Extended Northern Border. Just raking a few Leafs forr fun. You have a right to my opinion when I give it to a woman.. mush, woman, mush! Lol.

    • Elyk Egrasob obviously you are a Trump supporter and your opinion means nothing just like your words , take Canada lmao don’t forget we were the ones that marched into the USA and burned the Whitehouse down lmao

    • Robyn Hunter we should never have let the British in Canada but it sure was fun to see them March out of Yorktown to the tune ” the world turned upside down” and surrender to colonials. LMAO.

  3. One of Wynne’s pawns eh, so that means she could careless about the city and rather in it for herself and her grandmaster…this isn’t coming from a politically motivated stance but rather wanting to see a candidate that actually wants to represent the city and its best interests win the candidacy

  4. Ross, you have much more important things to do.
    We need to skid these Liberals to the far edges of the galaxy.
    They are killing Canada one day at a time.

  5. It is nice to see a newcomer entering the race. I think we all know she has an uphill battle as many are seeking change. She needs to be congratulated for offering a fresh new look to the race.

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