‘Sorry not sorry,’ Wynne says in final televised Ontario election debate


TORONTO — Ontario Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne began the third and final televised debate of the provincial election campaign with a hashtag-worthy phrase: “Sorry not sorry.”

Wynne’s approval ratings plummeted below 20 per cent as premier, and her party is trailing in a distant third in the polls.

Speaking in Toronto this evening, she says she’s “genuinely sorry” that more people don’t like her, but she’s not sorry about what she has done to make life in Ontario better.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford used their opening statements to stress their main messages: Horwath’s change for the better, and Ford’s government for the people.

Ford and Horwath sparred in response to the first question about trust, with Ford slamming the NDP leader over an error in the party’s platform that means it will cost $1.4 billion more per year than expected.

Horwath shot back that Ford hasn’t even unveiled a platform, suggesting that’s disrespectful to voters given that advanced polls have already opened.

The Canadian Press