Speed limit on Great Northern Road may change


What started back in 2009 with a city council resolution has come to a head with a petition to reduce the speed limit on Great Northern Road from Third Line to Fifth Line.

Great Northern Road between Third Line and the Fifth Line is part of the Trans-Canada Highway 17 and classified as a primary arterial.

The posted speed limit on this section of Great Northern changes from 60 to 80km/h at approximately half way between Third and Fourth Line.

The Canadian Guidelines for Establishing Posted Speed Limits (the Guideline), is published by the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC), and used as a tool by municipalities for evaluating posted speeds on arterial and major collector roadways. These guidelines assess appropriate posted speed limits based on the classification, function and physical characteristics of a roadway.

Applying the current physical characteristics of each segment to the Guideline and using a functional classification of a “four lane urban undivided major arterial” yields a total risk score of 48 and a recommended posted speed limit of 70 km/hfor the section from Third to Fourth Line. For the section from Fourth to Fifth Line using a functional classification of a “four lane rural undivided major arterial”
yields a total risk score of 53 and a recommended posted speed limit of 70 km/h.

The matter will be discussed at city council.


    • No. People drive well over 60 in that area especially when coming into the city. I’ve had many cars blow past me when I’m doing 70(10overvthe limit). Lots of speeding in this city causing many accidents. Problem is there is little enforcement so changing a speed limit is irrelevant unless you put more traffic cops on the streets.

  1. Stop wasting money on not needed bs, and start putting that money towards REPLACING (no fixing) our series A roads. Specifically Bay st, McNabb and Wallace terr. Our roads are falling apart, and no amount of patching can fix the cratered asphalt we call roads. The right turn onto Carmens way for instance is so bad it might as well be one lane. On a side note, when is John st to be finished? They started it in the stupid late fall, and was rushed to put 3″ of asphalt down for the plows. The roads do not match, and requires another 2-3″ to be completed, and yet we are ripping up more without finishing an already existing project. You can see on the other side of Cathcart that there is a small speed bump that should be continual road. Doesn’t the city take contracts with projected end dates? Surely almost a year later that small section should be completed no? Studies are not needed if you just listen to your constituents.

    TLDR? fine
    1. Stop wasting tax payers money on BS we don’t need
    2. Take that money to Replace dilapidated series A roads
    3. Complete projects that are currently 50% done.

    • How would a change to the speed limit waste taxpayer money? A couple of signs could cost a couple of hundred bucks at the most.
      Lower speed limit would be a good idea on that stretch as traffic is much higher with the hospital and other businesses opening. But, if there is no enforcement it doesn’t really matter.
      As for John St construction, I believe the asphalt plants aren’t up and running yet so final resurfacing isn’t possible right now.

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