The Not Ford Campaign


When announced that the Progressive Conservative party would be ran by the brother of the late former Toronto Mayor Rob, Doug Ford has been seemingly hit with a considerable amount of backlash.

A new campaign was started by a tweet sent out by former TV personality, now political activist Gail Vaz-Oxlade. She had tweeted asking if her followers were in the same boat as her, wanting to put an end to Doug Ford’s campaign. A quote from her simply states The purpose of the #NotFord campaign is to ensure Doug Ford does not form the government in the June 7th Ontario election”.

The group of  #NotFord supporters come from different political backgrounds. While this movement is against PC, it isn’t for another party. It has taken a sense of pride in having Liberal, NDP, and Green party supporters all backing the cause. Even lifelong PC voters have taken a stand against Ford and have refused to vote for him.

The group has a strong primary message that is also quite simple: “Whether you hate Kathleen Wynne, cringe at the idea of an NDP government, or just can’t stomach Ford as leader, not voting shouldn’t be your option. Your vote is your voice. “If you want a strong, healthy Ontario that cares about people, vote smartly!”

A facebook page  and a website is where more like-minded people and information can be found, as well as events such as “lawn sign contests” where entrants show their creativity in making anti Doug Ford Signs.

No matter who you support, make your voice heard, election day is June 7th.


  1. His brother did that and more, was able to save toronto money and without making toronto suffer.

  2. Although Our local incumbent is a devoted Sault proponent, the party is still whipped so whatever we want locally is overridden by the party. The only party of the four main parties that isn’t whipped or compromised by money is the Green Party!

  3. A vote for anyone other than the PC’s will guarantee more of the crooked lying Liberal government. No thanks. The PC’s deserve a shot, the Liberals had theirs and failed miserably and put us staggering debt.

  4. I feel like all the bashers haven’t actually looked into the candidates… Ford has the best plan to prevent this province from continuing on its downward spiral of debt, fleeing businesses, and overburdened tax payers. Sure, his family has gotten some bad press, but his brother actually did a lot of good for Toronto, besides putting the city on the map, lol. I don’t fully support any party, but I support Romano, and I believe Ford is the lesser of the evils.

  5. This election is not about the Fords….it is making sure we get rid of WYNNIE and her corrupt crew.

  6. Ford is an idiot, literally. He has no plan other then filling his rich friends pockets. I can’t believe how thick headed this city is with the support for this guy. I mean look at him he is a liar in a business suit who use to sell drugs, and his brother was known as the crack head mayor of toronto world wide. How stupid are people seriously lol. This dude is going to make our town 100x worse. Selfish babyboomers.

    • Lots of politicians are into drugs, some hide it better than others. At the end of the day though, the ford bothers cleaned up Toronto city hall. They got rid of all the little perks, they saved the city millions, and got things done. I really don’t care what they do on their own time, I just care they get the job done and clean up the waste and miss management of the Wynne government.

      We are heading into the perfect storm of a repeat of the 80’s and 90’s here. The liberals left a big debt, the NDP came in and made that debt even higher. Remember Ray Days, that was bob’s solution give people days off unpaid to save the government money, and then you end up with the conservatives who cut things to try to get the books back to a healthy state. Now you have again the liberals who have ran the debt up, taking it from around $100billion when the Liberals took over, to over $325 Billion in 15 short years… We just can’t afford the NDP and Liberals again, someone has to pay that debt now and that person is all of us.

    • His ‘platform’ is to cut taxes, subsidize Hydro, increase spending, Give Toronto $5+ Billion for subways, AND he will do all this and balance the budget without any service cuts and not one job loss. Its a fantasy at best.

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