The Sault Symphony Needs Your Help

sault symphony
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The Sault Symphony Orchestra has been providing a high standard of entertaining concerts to the city Sault St. Marie since 1956.

They are keen to continue to showcase their classical music for public.

They recently had a very fascinating event on April 20th – Fairy Tales, Fables and Myths, which was not a big success.

Less than 100 people gathered in the theatre. which is slightly concerning for the Sault Symphony.

They currently have planned their upcoming event “MUSICFEST XXV” which will be held on Sunday, June 10th,  from 1pm to 6.30 pm, and you just need to spend $10 for the whole day of fun.

In addition, The Sault Symphony Orchestra (SSO) is performing for the event.

The Symphony needs the support of our community to raise more funds to run their concerts and remake the image of the orchestra to target larger audiences.

They have raised approximately $1000 through donations, and their goal is to reach $10,000 for their campaign.

The Symphony is currently relying on grants and sponsors, but this is not providing sufficient funds to pay their guest artists or professional members due to dwindling audiences. As a result of this they are suffering from financial crisis.

Lawrence Chong, the chairperson of the Symphony, is supporting the symphony to raise more funds so that they can help local musicians and expand their program.

As a community group, “They need you, to make it happen.”

The Sault Symphony Orchestra has brought some major professional groups to the community such as The Elmer Iseler singers and Ballet Jorgen from Toronto, Ontario.

The Orchestra is a great experience that anyone can enjoy with their family, friends or partner.

The Sault is fortunate to have the Symphony Orchestra in the city to keep us connected with our classical historical music.

You can help the Symphony by donating today. Visit their website here.