Things You See In The Sault


You know you’re in Northern Ontario when you can simply snap a photo of a moose.

Moose of course are very common in this area in any season , but all the same it’s still a magnificent sight to see in person. viewer,  Christina Aquino-Soriano , had that experience Sunday morning.

She writes in;

“Just wanted to submit this photo of this moose seen on Black Rd Sunday morning. Just drinking causally from the ditch and not scared. Christina Aquino-Soriano ”

Moose tend to stay on there own and as far away from humans as possible, but at this time of year just as it gets warm and muggy, the bugs start to come out in full force driving moose from the bush to more open areas like the sides of highways . Always be on the look out for moose along busy highways.


  1. The moose are also moving out towards town because of the high BLACK BEAR POPULATION. Black bears follow the cow moose around closely waiting for the cow to give birth and then the BLACK BEARS kill the calf moose and sometimes the cow as well. The SPRING BEAR HUNT needs to be back on before our moose population is all gone. As well THE COUGAR has moved into our area,especially around BRUCE MINES AREA. We also need everyone, “I MEAN EVERYONE”, NO EXCEPTION TO STOP HARVESTING MOOSE FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS to give the moose population to grow.

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