Toyota Canada plants to get $1.4B upgrade, Ottawa, Ontario to pitch in


CAMBRIDGE, Ont. — The federal and Ontario governments will pitch in a combined $220 million towards a $1.4 billion upgrade at two Toyota Canada manufacturing plants.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the announcement at Toyota’s plant in Cambridge, Ont., which, along with a facility in Woodstock, Ont., will see the upgrades.

Upon completion of the upgrades, the Cambridge and Woodstock factories will become Toyota’s North American manufacturing hub for the RAV4, including hybrid versions.

The investment is expected to result in the creation of 450 new jobs and spending of $200 million by Toyota in research and development in Canada over the next 10 years.

The two plants currently employ about 8,000 people and produce more than half a million vehicles each year.

The announcement comes against the backdrop of a potential final push for a new NAFTA deal this year. The auto industry has been a crucial part of talks so far.


The Canadian Press


  1. Why no wonder the Toyota company warned their workers to not heckle Trudeau when he was there two days ago. $1.4 billion in shut up money. Fools

  2. Well said Tommy Lee .NORTHERN ONTARIO PARTY.

    Ladys and Gentlemen, we are a regional party representing people in Northern Ontario who have come to realize that the big three Toronto focused parties just don’t seem to care much about Northern Ontario. Oh sure we get a bit of attention before every election and a bunch of empty campaign promises pointed our way, but the day after the election is when everything goes back to normal and Northern Ontario again gets forgotten about, except when Toronto politician’s are after our chromite. This year the Northern Ontario Party’s goal is to run 13 candidates across Northern Ontario. If we get a few seats (and it looks like we may), then things will start to happen. First, the constituents represented by those MPP’s will for the first time be truly represented at Queen’s Park. I say that because we don’t use a party whip. Each NOP MPP will be mandated to poll their constituents prior to any vote and vote accordingly. These MPP’s will always be able to put their constituents best interests first and foremost, not having to toe the party line. Secondly, with members in Queen’s Park, we will be able to continually advocate for fairness for Northern Ontario. Things like equal access to public services and healthcare, the lack of public transportation availability in many of our communities across the north, and the lack of investment into Northern Ontario’s highways and other infrastructure. Toronto’s political parties don’t care about the lives of Northern Ontarians. Simple proof is the total lack of rest areas on Northern highways! They put up flashing billboards stating that fatigue kills and that you should pull over if you’re tired, but they don’t give you any safe areas to pull over into. The bottom line is that all the big three Toronto focused parties have had a crack at governing Northern Ontario in the last 40 years, and they’ve all failed us miserably…including the GTA focused Mike Harris and Ernie Eaves who started selling off Hydro One, and privatized the 407, among other fiascos. The sell-off of Hydro One has hit Northern Ontarian’s the hardest as our winters are colder and winter nights are a little longer. Many of us have no access to natural gas and have to heat our homes with electricity or wood. To sum up and to answer your questions. Well, we won’t know how many seats until after the election. Do you know how many the PC’s will win? Of course you don’t. As for impact, we’re already making an impact as we’re giving Northern Ontarians hope for a better tomorrow. Real hope, not just empty promises. Something Toronto focused politicians can’t seem to wrap their heads around.

  3. We can no longer afford these handouts…only the LIBERALS would see fit to throw money at a company that can afford to pay its own way.

  4. 200 million dollars that does piss all for the majority of Canada! 450 jobs projected to be made from this deal, I doubt it will be even half that. Nice to see big corporations being given hand outs when most of Canada’s economy is hurting because of the high taxes being charged to business across our country to fund this shit

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