Troy is at it again!


7th Annual TROY’S TRAIL Spirit Walk to raise awareness and offer local support for all individuals whose lives have been affected by Hydrocephalus & Spina Bifida is fast approaching!

The walk will take place June 9th down on the boardwalk in Clergue Park, by the Art Gallery of Algoma.

Health Canada has proclaimed June as Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Awareness Month

Hydrocephalus & Spina Bifida are complex conditions and unless you or someone you know has it, it’s much unknown.

There is no cure for either of these conditions that result in varying degrees of disability.  Physical and social barriers, medical complications, learning disabilities and financial burdens are some of the challenges that individuals with spina bifida and hydrocephalus and their families must face each and every day.

Troy’s Trail is growing.  So far since 2012 we have met close to 30 individuals who live with either one or both of these conditions, and each year we meet someone new.  We try to make this event a fun and rewarding day for everyone to look forward to.

Throughout the last six years we have become a family support group comprised of children, youth, parents, and adults of all ages.  We share our common experiences and concerns regarding treatment and care, and get ideas, inspiration and support from each other.

We are making a difference!

Troy’s Trail has a purpose and helps individuals and their families feel important.  They look forward to the walk because it is “their” walk too.

Come out and support Troy’s Trail June 9th.  Registrations will begin at 12:30 with the walk starting at 1:00.

If you would like to make a DONATION, please visit our Canada Helps secure online giving page at:   or you can contact us: Troy or Annette Chandler 705-946-4532.