Trump Imposes Tariffs on Canadian Steel


The National news media are reporting that beginning at midnight tonight the United States will impose a tariff on imported steel from Canada.

President Trump announced the tariffs in March along with a 10 percent tariff on imported Aluminum. At the time he gave exemptions to Canada, Mexico and the European Union until June 1st.

It is being reported that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross made the announcement this morning on a conference call.

SaultOnline and ONNTv are working on local reaction to this story. Check back all day for the latest.



  1. Canada should ramp up the tariffs on the u.s imports. Let see what asshole thinks then. The oil from canada shouldn’t have to be sent to the states to be refined. If the ottawa dipshit can find 4.5 billion for a 60 year old pipeline then he should be able to find the money to build refineries in canada.

  2. It is protectionism at its ugliest. Canadian steel is not being “dumped” into the American market.Trump wants to disrupt the supply of Canadian steel to try to revitalise the long-mothballed US mills.

  3. These tariffs have nothing to do with protecting American jobs etc. Its all to give the impression to his fan base that he IS actually doing something for them ahead of the fall elections

  4. It is amazing how one man can make such a monumental decision. Lets hit him right back with tariffs of our own. Wait….wimpy Freeland and Trudeau are not up to the task.

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