UPDATE: Romano Rebuts McCleave-Kennedy’s Statement

Ross Romano

UPDATE: Ross Romano spoke to ONNTv regarding his statement (seen below).

He said that he wanted to keep the focus of this campaign on local issues, but NDP candidate Michele McCleave-Kennedy turned the focus toward more Toronto-central issues.

“The NDP candidate just started with phone calls and wanted to make this about a Toronto-central campaign issue, so I’m saying fine, if you want to talk about a Toronto-central campaign –I would prefer to talk about the local issues, but I’ll gladly address the Toronto-central campaign issues as well, if that’s what the NDP prefer to do.”

Romano continued by saying that he thinks the NDP party should have to answer the same tough questions the PCs have been facing over the last two years.

“For about two years now, people have looked at the PC Party of Ontario as a party who could potentially be government of this province in 2018. It’s only been about two weeks that people have looked at the NDP party and seen them as the party that may be able to govern Ontario,” he explained. “Since people started looking at the PCs, they have been asking a lot of tough questions of our party, and we’ve been answering those tough questions for a very long time now.  And I think it’s only fair that, now that we’re looking at the NDP as the only other party, I think, that has a chance of governing – the Liberals don’t seem to have much of a chance at this point – I think it’s time that the NDP start to answer some of the tough questions as well.”

He said he thinks the local hot-button issues that need to be addressed are things such as jobs and growth, keeping young people in the Sault, the healthcare situation, and keeping more money in people’s pockets.

“Everybody wants more money in their pocket. We want more affordable hydro rates, we want cheaper taxes, and we just can’t do it with these 15 years of waste and mismanagement we’ve seen by the Liberal government over the last 15 years,” Romano said.

“Some of these Toronto-central issues that we’re seeing right now – I think it’s important to  ask some of these tough questions of the NDP, and the NDP candidate locally – and I want to know where she stands on some of these big issues and hot-button topics right now.”

These topics include:

  • The NDP candidate who wants to ban mining
  • The candidate who declared her opposition to wearing a poppy
  • The candidate who posted an inspirational quote from Adolph Hitler on her Facebook page – Andrea Horwath won0’t remove her from the race

“What is (McCleave-Kennedy’s) position on that? Does she think it’s okay to be putting out memes of Adolph Hitler as some kind of a leader that they look to? I don’t understand how that is at all appropriate and I think that it reflects on the leadership of Andrea Horwath. She keeps on wanting to talk about all the other parties and everyone else, but does not want to reflect what’s happening in her own party. She’s allowing those candidates to remain in this race, and I think people want to know. This is apparently going to lead this province if the NDP win,” he said.

“Look at that team – I don’t think that team is fit to govern. I look at our team, we have people like Caroline Mulrooney, Christine Elliot, Rod Phillips – former CEO of OLG, Peter Bethlenfalvy – who’s been in the banking industry for 25 years. We have a great team who is ready to lead this province now. I want to know what they think of their team and their ability to lead this province moving forward. But I’d really like to ask these questions of the NDP candidate locally – where she stands on these issues.”


Instead of talking about local issues like we have been doing with real people here in the Sault, it seems the NDP candidate in this riding is more interested in talking about what people are saying in downtown Toronto as she outlined in her recent letter.

Ok. Let’s talk about the NDP’s central campaign then. Let’s talk about the people the NDP really stands for because I believe there is no party in Ontario that’s more Toronto-centric than the NDP.

I want to know specifically what Michele McLeave-Kennedy thinks about the following:

  • With the Ring of Fire development approaching and our city poised to prosper with high-paying jobs because of it, the NDP has candidates who say Canada should stop mining completely. Andrea Horwath and the NDP have refused to condemn their candidate’s opinions, begging the question of what happens to the Sault and the north if the NDP was to win?
  • The NDP have a candidate who declared her opposition to wearing the red poppy on Remembrance Day calling it “brainwashing” and unnecessary landfill. How did Andrea Horwath respond? She defended this person’s right to disrespect our war veterans and their families.
  • The NDP has candidates who seem to have unconventional and insensitive views of the Holocaust with one of them posting an inspirational quote from Adolph Hitler on her Facebook page. And, yet, Andrea Horwath won’t remove her from the race.

In the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, we honour our seniors, our veterans and our workers in the resource sector. We don’t demonize them like the NDP have done. As an elected representative, our role is to represent everyone equally and not just green lobbyists in downtown Toronto.

Perhaps Ms. McLeave-Kennedy is upset because for the first time in history, the frontline USW workers here in the Sault voted to endorse my candidacy and the Progressive Conservative plan for Ontario. For these reasons, perhaps, she and her campaign team are spreading lies and personal attacks – something the NDP have confirmed they’re doing. These are the actions of desperate people.

Let me be clear. A Progressive Conservative government is going to make Ontario a destination of choice for businesses. We will see the economy grow with jobs the likes we haven’t seen in 15 years. We are going to make record investments in mental health; we will build 30,000 long-term care beds and provide free dental care for low-income seniors. We will find 4 cents on every dollar the government spends to fund our platform.

Our local NDP candidate doesn’t want to talk about this. She wants to talk about the ideas she’s being given by her bosses in downtown Toronto.

So, I’ll end where I started and that’s by calling on Ms. McLeave-Kennedy to publicly condemn her NDP teammates who have come out disrespecting our veterans, promote inspirational quotes from Hitler, and who say we should shut down all mines. Why is she so silent on these issues? Where does she stand? I think voters have a right to know.


  1. where is her provincial experience at people don t we have enough teachers running for government now we should vote in their helpers on a platform that could never be implemented in one term and will shed jobs like a black plague hope you all like working part time for minimum wage

  2. Lmao. Ross! 8 people voted for you from 2251. Quit using it like 2200 did. 8/2200 is 0.00363636. You didn’t even get 1% of the members opinion.

    Bravo buddy! Ride that 0.0036 as far as you can!

    Doug Ford is Toronto centric and Ross didn’t even support him for leadership.

    When Patrick Brown was leader, Ross had value. Doug Ford will not forget that you didn’t support him Ross!

    And I am sure Ross is a great person, but he does not have any Labour support. Not even a full percentage!

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