USW 2251 throw in their support for PC Candidate Ross Romano


On May 24th, 2018, USW Local 2251 voted to support Ross Romano, Progressive Conservative, as your candidate to support in the upcoming Provincial Election on June 7th.

Mike Da Prat, President of United Steel Workers 2251, said this decision was made via secret ballot voting. The members made their decision after each candidate was brought in to present their platforms.

Da Prat said the USW don’t want to be stereotyped for always supporting the NDP. He explained how they want each party to work for the USW’s support and become important enough that they can maintain it.

“We want all parties to work for our vote,” he said. “Why would anyone care what we thought if we were fixated on one party? We wish Ross Romano the best of luck in the upcoming election.”

Mike Da Prat
President, USW Local 2251


  1. What is sad is that as unions we have done such a good job representing our members that they actually believe they are the rich. They have believed in laws that protect them not understanding those law are subject to a quick swipe of an eraser.
    The reality is without unions, we would all be working for minimum wage as greed is at its peak and we need to fight back for our kids

  2. There should be laws banning political speech by unions, organizations and corporations…! It’s people that vote and elect their representatives not these so called entities…! Do your job and represent your members diligently and that’s it…! Corruption at its finest…!

  3. Idiots, the PC are against unions. Do they not remember Harpers war on the worker? with the temporary foreign worker programs, which hurt Canadian workers by helping to drive down wages? Or the thinkering of employment insurance? It’s always been class warfare to the PC and the Unions.

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