Volunteers Needed to Welcome Refugees


The Sault Community Career Centre (SCCC) is currently looking for volunteers to help prepare for the arrival of a refugee family to Sault Ste. Marie in June 2018.

Since 2016, the SCCC has welcomed over 100 refugees under the federal government’s Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) and has also provided support services for over 40 privately sponsored refugees.

The success of the settlement efforts can be attributed to the many volunteers who have provided a warm welcome, donated much-needed supplies like food and clothing, and offered additional services like transportation and language lessons. Through their involvement, the volunteers have helped create a supportive community around the newcomers that make them feel welcomed and connected.

As a volunteer, your role will be to provide friendship to the refugee families through their transition and offer assistance with the everyday tasks of life in Canada.  You may help gather household items like towels and blankets, provide transportation to places like the grocery store or the bank, assist them with travel to medical and dental appointments, visit them in their homes, and accompany them to welcome events in the community.

The SCCC is looking for a group of at least six volunteers for the upcoming arrivals.  An orientation session for people who are interested in volunteering will be held at the SCCC on Thursday, June 7 at 6:30 p.m.

If you would like to register or have any questions about volunteering, please contact Brenda Cooper by Monday, June 4 by emailing [email protected] or calling 705.542.9088.



  1. NOPE! Every virtue signalling SJW reading these comments – please know this:

    You can help 13 people resettle in the area close to their home, with the same language, culture and climate for every 1 person you bring over to Canada. So the question is: Are you interested in helping the most possible people or are you interested in virtue signalling?

    73% of Swedes believe that integrating these immigrants has failed.
    13%(!) of immigrants in Germany have found work (a drain on an already strained social safefty net)

    • Debbie Humes there are people in this country that have never had the basic need of clean drinking water. Our PM told a veteran that lost his legs in combat that “veterans were asking for more than the federal government could give”. This is the most outrageous thing I can think of to say to someone who would give his life for this country!! Canada is in violation of human rights in regards to indigenous children and has ignored at least five warnings from the human rights tribunal for over five years! How do you explain that we are taking in hundreds of thousands of people from the USA not even a war torn country!

    • Raymond Kehoe What have you been doing about the homeless and veteran problems personally? Have you offered to take some into your home to clean them up and help them find jobs? Doubtful. Have you even met a single refugee family and talked to them about the horrors they have gone through and got to know them? Also doubtful. If we did give a bunch of money to those groups(which there is a lot of help out there already) you’d complain about how hard working Canadians are getting screwed and that your taxes have to pay for lazy people. No one cares about ‘whataboutisms’ because its a never ending rabbit hole of cynicism.

    • Ross Richard believes the vets should go without so we can bring in refugees! He also believes Are homeless should stay on the streets so we can bring in refugees…ur a special kind of stupid bud

    • Personal insults and grandstanding eh? The last vestige of those with no argument to stand on. Way to completely dodge my questions and make up shit I didnt even say. I regularly do things to help both groups, no where did I say I don’t want to help them or give them more. I’m saying we can help them all. So you haven’t done a thing yourself to help those groups? Figured as much.

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