Walk for Justice

Journey Sayers,Olivia Orozco, Brianna Caputo,

A chilly wind wasn’t going to stand in the way of a call for justice today. Students in the Catholic School board took to the streets for the Walk for Justice.

SaultOnline visited St Paul School today as the student headed out to their neigbourhood streets.

Linda Legacy, School Principal, explained that the walk focused on areas of injustice such as world peace, poverty, and bullying.

The students learn about these issues, as well as other areas of injustice from a global and local perspective, and discuss what can be done to address the issues.

The students carried posters focusing on the issue that they wanted to make people aware of.

Journey Sayers, grade 2 students,was walking for world peace. “Because it would help the people of the world,” she told SaultOnline.

Bullying was the injustice that classmate Olivia Orozco’s sign proclaimed. She doesn’t want people to make to fun of others.

Classmate Brianna Caputo wants people to help the poor she told us that, “The rich people have to give to help the poor people.”

The Walk for Justice is part of Catholic Education Week. “Catholic Education Week is an important week in which we publicly demonstrate how faith and education are seamlessly integrated in our system,” said HSCDSB Director of Education, Rose Burton Spohn.

You can learn about Catholic Education Week here.


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