A by-the-numbers look at what 5G wireless could mean for Canada’s economy


OTTAWA — A study commissioned by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association lays out the potential benefits from the deployment of powerful, ultra-fast 5G wireless networks. A look at the findings in the Accenture report, by the numbers:

$40 billion: Estimated economic growth from the adoption of 5G technology by 2026.

$26 billion: Amount estimated to be spent on 5G network infrastructure and adoption over a seven-year period.

154,000: Temporary, direct and indirectly related jobs expected to be created between 2020 and 2026 for the 5G network build-out.

16 million: Expected number of 5G connections by the end of 2026.

$3.3 billion: Potential gains for large farms from price savings and yield increases as a result of 5G.

20: Percentage decline in unplanned maintenance in the oilsands if 5G sensors and monitoring devices are used.

$17 million: Possible extra revenue for a service provider offering programming like “Hockey Night in Canada” through an at-home virtual reality experience.

The Canadian Press