After Reviewing Casino Operations, Gateway Casinos Announces Staff Reductions.

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment SSM


Statement On Staff Reductions At Gateway Casinos from Robert Mitchell, Director, Communications & Public Affairs – Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Limited.

(London -ON) Since becoming the private sector Service Provider to Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) in Gaming Bundles in the North and Southwest in May of last year, Gateway Casinos has been actively reviewing these casino operations with a goal of maximizing their efficiency and providing the best customer experience possible.

In this process, Gateway has introduced a number of new technologies including an automated Gaming Management System that lets customers redeem their rewards instantly, with no need for coupons or line-ups at the cash cage. We have also upgraded and modernized our security and surveillance systems, accounting software and at some sites, we are reducing hours of operation to better address market demand. As a consequence of these operational adjustments, Gateway has had to reduce staff at several locations. The majority of the proposed staff reductions are being made through a voluntary exit incentive program, staff reassignments and the remainder through layoff.

Gateway remains committed to growth in the Ontario market and those staff that are laid off will be able to apply for future employment at newly constructed casinos in Chatham, London, Sudbury, North Bay and Kenora as they are completed over the next two years. Staff will also be able to apply for positions at other sites in Ontario and at Gateway casinos in Alberta and British Columbia as vacancies become available.

Gateway regards these staff reductions as a necessary business decision as we maximize efficiency at our existing sites and begin the next stage of expansion to provide the best gaming entertainment experience we can to our customers.

Over the next two and half years Gateway will be investing more than half billion dollars into the Ontario economy and when work is completed at all its sites, Gateway will have created more than 1,000 new jobs in Ontario.


  1. What are they going to do about the twenty year old tent that houses it that is falling apart more every day, requiring constant repairs? What was it’s original life expectancy?

  2. People are not going to the casino like they used to. It is not a fun place when they have made it so hard to win anything. They will deny they have tightened up the payouts but what would we expect.

  3. The Libs sold the business at 10% of why it was worth and knew this would happen. They’re gone now and so are the jobs. The casino operators stock price is up 50%. Winning!!!!

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