Annual Troy’s Trail Event Continues to Grow in its 7th Year (Video)


Health Canada has proclaimed June as Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Awareness Month, and this weekend, the 7th Annual Troy’s Trail Spirit Walk took place to raise awareness and offer local support for all individuals whose lives have been affected by these complex conditions.

Troy’s Trail has allowed for individuals living with one or both of these conditions to come together to provide support, care, information, and inspiration from one another.

This event was started by Troy Chandler, a Saultite who has had 12 surgeries since his diagnosis of Hydrocephalus in 1994, in order to manage the condition. The walk has grown exponentially since its inception seven years ago. Starting with only 12 participants, this years event saw over 100, making it the largest walk in support of Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida in Ontario.

If you missed out on the walk, there is always the opportunity to make a donation by visiting Canada Helps secure online giving page here.

You can also contact Troy or Annette Chandler at 705-946-4532.


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