Boycotting Not the Answer says Ring


Sault Ste Marie Chamber of Commerce, CEO/President Rory Ring joins Tim Murphy on Mornings with Lou Anne and Tim Tuesday morning.

Tim talked to Ring about the strained relationship between the United States and Canada.  According to Ring boycotting the U.S. is not the answer.

Watch a clip of the interview above. Don’t miss the whole interview on ONNTv Tuesday at 8am.

Ring also appears on “ONNpoint” where he and Tim have a more in depth conversation about trade, traiffs, and the U. S.

ONNpoint  airs Tuesday at 8pm on ONNTv.



  1. Boycotting is a worthless activity. Now is the time to force the incompetent PM and his trade leaders to come to the table with specific recommendations and a plan of action to severely reduce and eliminate Canadian tariffs, and eliminate barriers created by the obsolete Supply Management cartels. There is a new reality and expectation of fair and free trade. Attempting some feeble boycott of American brands and companies has little meaning. Americans can care less if Canadians want to try a boycott. They have other things on tbeir minds. When Trudeau returns from yet another personal day, get him to step up and make some important changes. We need to achieve fair and free trade on the path forward. America absolutely needs Canadian steel.

    • Yup agreed the Americans dont give a flyin squirrels ass about A Canadian boycotr thinks they can live without the $3.50 a day the odd Canadian contributes Thats the way they (the Americans ) see it Many could care less about Canadians or Canada

    • Americans really could care less if Canada wants to have a temper tantrum. The last thing Canada needs is an irritated American public seeing what Canada is attempting with the boycott, and make that a real painful thing for Canada. Canada is less and less of a strategic partner. Heck, Canada is t even pulling it’s fair weight with NORAD or NATO.

  2. Wow. Many ill informed individuals on this string. I blame our media for setting a false narrative. I am glad I am capable of forming my own thoughts and opinions without being lead to slaughter like the commenters on this thread.

    • Jeff Holmes actually there is much info out there. Trudeau just the final messenger for Canada. It’s there last ditch hope to bring in new world order. Research it yourself. Plus never forget the all news outlets are paid properganda messengers. Our tax dollars for them to lie to us.

  3. I refuse to buy products from a Nazi led country. If good people want my money stand up and DO something to stop this. I didnt loose Grandparents and friends so I could relive this b.s.

    Many of us will continue to boycott as long as Americans feel its ok to let that jack ass remain at the head of their table.

    You walk into a bar and see a Nazi sitting at a table with 9 other people.. its a table with 10 Nazis.

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