Dog Owners Beware of Potential Thief


Dog owners beware. In a Lost and Found Pets Group on Facebook, a local woman has warned dog owners that there is a utility van going around trying to steal dogs. Allegedly, her boyfriend’s parents had their dog in the front yard as they were doing yard work in the back.

They heard the dog growling and when they went to check on the pet, there were people trying to get the dog, a Newfoundland dog, into a van. The pet owners yelled out and the drivers of the utility van drove off.

The pet owners were unable to see a license plate, but describe the vehicle as a white van with the back windows blacked out. This incident occurred on Korah Road by Rossmore Street.

Keep an eye out for more information as we investigate this story. If you have any tips, information, or experience with this type of situation, contact us to share.


  1. No offence but why is this just a retelling of a rumour on Facebook? Have you spoke with the family that apparently witnessed it? Make? Model? Colour? I am just saying the story is a sloppy retelling of a rumour, where is the investigation?

    • Hi Sasha!
      We don’t currently have more information at this time, we are speaking with individuals in the next couple days who have more information to complete a more detailed report of what is going on here. We wanted to get the warning out in it’s incomplete form so at least people could be weary while their pets are outside in the mean time. Stay tuned as the story develops.

  2. Just one of the many many reasons my dog is never ever outside alone.
    Ppl are stealing pets to sell for drug money and even more sinister and sick, I’ve also heard for use as ‘bait dogs’ in dog fighting…

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