UPDATE: Lane Reopened – Fender Bender Closes Northbound Lane on Great Northern near Walmart


UPDATE: The northbound lane has been re-opened. No significant injuries have been reported.

A two-car collision has shut down one Northbound lane near Walmart and Superior Bakery on Great Northern Road. It appears as though there are no injuries, but both cars have sustained substantial damage.

Police say the incident is still under investigation.

Stay tuned to SaultOnline/ONNtv for updates.



  1. contend with lol yeah they’re a real battle every time… traffic lights ease the flow of traffic.. would you rather there not be a light? like the current pinos? it’s a shit show

  2. Just wait til PINOS open up there…heavy traffic plus there will be one more traffic light to contend with.

  3. Looks like someone tried to come out onto Great Northern through an “entrance only” opening. Have to exit onto Second Line or go to the lights by Mark’s Work Wearhouse.

  4. This is going on every day like bumper cars. Try thinking about driving for a change instead of everything else but! It’s time for a 3 strikes and your out of a drivers license time. Insurance rates are going through the roof.

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