Full Impact Accident on Farwell Terrace.

A Yellow Cab collided into a parked vehicle in a yard in the 500 block of Farewell Terrace. June 6,2018.

At approximately 5:00 pm on Wednesday, a serious accident happened in the 500 block of Farwell Terrrace, in The Sault’s west end.

Two individuals were taken away in separate ambulances. The driver of the Soo Yellow Cab, according to witnesses, appeared to be in potential medical distress when he plowed into a parked car in the front yard of a home on Farwell Terrace.

The witnesses further shared that the woman passenger was supposed to be going to the Group Health Clinic and was expecting the cab driver to turn right onto 2nd line from Farwell Terrace.  According to information shared by people following along behind the cab, it appeared that the cab driver hesitated, and instead of turning right onto 2nd Line, he went straight ahead picking up speed. “The car came speeding along here (the front yard at Farwell Terrace) shared Crystal Laudadio. “The woman was sitting in the front passenger seat.”

Crystal Laudadio, who is a nurse, was first on scene and offered medical support to both the cab driver and the passenger. Witnesses alerted 911 very quickly.

Laudadio spoke with Saultonline and expressed that a woman carrying a child had walked through the yard seconds before it happened . The dark coloured vehicle that can be seen in the pictures in front of the yellow cab, was actually parked 30 feet into the front yard of the home where the accident took place.

Two ambulances left the scene around 5:20 pm. Two fire trucks and crews attended at the scene, as well as multiple police officers.

Witnesses in the immediate vicinity were all shaken from the explosive sound and strength of the impact.

The well being of the victims involved in this horrific accident is not known at this time.


  1. Dee, if you are ever in Medical distress I hope you are able to make the right turn. I don’t think he drove into parked car on purpose. Hope everyone is OK

  2. Dee A. Thibert.. stop talking. That didn’t happen by Elliot field, it happened right after the Second Line/Farwell Terr intersection. You’re trying to insult Chris Michaud and you’re making yourself look stupid in the process.

  3. No psssanger airbag,what the hell is that,first photo clearly shows no passenger airbag deployed!!!

  4. Is nobody catching the part where the cab driver was in medical distress? As in like he had a heart attack or something while he was driving which caused him to lose control of the car.

    • Hey Chris i was standing right beside the driver. He was definitely coming in and out of consciousness.

    • Chris Michaud be mad at my comment all you want, and I did read the article and I seen that, but it also said the driver HESITATED to make the proper turn.

    • Dee A. Thibert better down farwell than down second line during rush hour!
      Maybe he was trying to get stopped out of the way instead of causing a pile up in the middle of second line harming a lot more people than just him and his passenger!
      I give the guy credit for his quick thinking in his time of despair!

    • Chris Michaud Apparently you don’t know the area very well if he was already on farewell and from where he he hit which is down by the Elliot field the driver was supposed to be turning for Churchhill and missed and went right into someone’s parked vehicle. So sounds to me like complete panic.

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