Gas Up Now – Some Stations Jumping Prices For Long Weekend


You know it’s a long weekend when local gas prices jump up. This morning, McDougall Energy, that operates Esso and a Shell Station in Sault Ste. Marie increased prices from $1.29 yesterday to $1.38 a litre this morning.

Drivers are still waiting for the prices to come down from the Victoria Day long weekend when prices shot up at all stations by 10 cents. The prices have come down, a fraction of a penny a week  since then.

Not all stations have followed McDougall Fuels lead at this point.


  1. Don’t like it, don’t drive. Same people complaining about price of gas, have no problem paying $15 for a pack of cigarettes, or $4 for a bottle of water.

  2. Don’t buy fuel from Esso this weekend. Go somewhere else. teach em a lesson about being greedy.

  3. We literally had gas shortages a week ago and they managed to keep the price down and even sell 97 octane for 1.29 but OMG a long weekend comes and the price has to go up 8 cents -.-

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