Here’s what you need to know about Firework Safety heading into Canada Day


The Canada Day long weekend is upon us, and that means fireworks, fireworks, fireworks.

SaultOnline spoke with some local firework retailers about what tips you need to know when lighting your own fireworks.

“The biggest mistake I see is, by far, is people not reading the labels,” said Mark Varin of Phatboys Fireworks. “Safety labels are on here for a reason – in English and in French. To be safe, you have to read it first.”

His tips?

“Make sure you’ve got a lot of water around, in case something does happen. It’s really good to be prepared to put anything out quickly. Make sure you respect the area that you’re going to light it off in – first conditions, your fallout zone – make sure that you have a wide enough area if you have something that goes wide. You want to make sure if it’s really windy that you’re going to respect which way it’s going to go. And rain – you don’t let the things get soaking wet so they don’t light. If you’re doing it in the rain, it’s not really a problem, just make sure that everything you put out is dry, you light it, it goes off no problem. Wind is really what’s going to stop you and stop the firework show.”

“Be safe, have fun, read the labels, make sure you know what you’re doing and what you’ve got, because it is explosives.”

George Koprash, owner of The Trading Post also had some tips for firework safety:

  • Never let children light fireworks – especially unsupervised.
  • Never relight a dead firework – if the fuse burns down, the firework doesn’t go off. Don’t relight it, douse it with water as it may go off right in your hand.
  • Always keep a bucket of water nearby, just in case a fire starts up or a spark hits a leaf or something, then you can put it out.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol use when lighting fireworks.
  • A good idea is to wear safety glasses as well, because you’re leaning over the firework and lighting it.
  • Always light fireworks in an open, clear area.
  • Don’t light fireworks near cars, buildings, houses, etc.
  • Keep your pets inside when you’re lighting fireworks.
  • When you’re finished with your fireworks for the night, douse them all with water before disposing of them – there may still be gunpowder in there, and things that could ignite.

“We want everybody to have a safe and happy Canada Day,” Koprash said.

“We have fireworks here at the Trading Post, we’re selling them at cost – half price – and we’re down to limited quantities now, we have about two skids left, so if you haven’t bought your fireworks yet, come on in and get them here at The Trading Post.”

Superior Media would also like to wish everyone a safe and happy Canada Day and long weekend.


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