“I’m still fighting,” Hamel says in Response to Wynne’s Announcement


An emotional Kathleen Wynne admitted Saturday that her governing Liberals will lose the Ontario election on Thursday.

Local Liberal Candidate Jaclynne Hamel spoke to SaultOnline about her thoughts on the matter. She started by commending Wynne for acknowledging such a difficult realization.

“It’s something that is difficult, you know. That’s a tough acknowledgment to make – that she won’t be premier after June 7th and then another party will likely form government,” she said. “I think that the Liberal government has done a lot of really good work for not only the province, but this community.”

She said she’s going to continue focusing on the riding she’s running for and continue working hard for the people of Sault Ste. Marie.

“That’s my direction right now. I’m not thinking of this any differently; I’ve always been in this to fight for this community, and I still see that fight, I’m still fighting,” she explained.

“What I’m hearing on the street is that a lot of people are worried about the other leaders in this campaign. People are worried about Doug Ford’s conservatives, or the NDP forming a majority government, so the more Ontario Liberals that we send to Queen’s Park, the better,” she continued. “We’re able to keep that government in check. Because I am hearing those concerns, that’s energizing me, that’s keeping me going because I think that I’d be a good progressive representative for the city, that people need, and I’m able to go down there and keep a government in check. Especially when I’m hearing that people are concerned about those leaderships.”

Hamel said that, despite what Wynne announced, she isn’t discouraged.

“When I got into this race, I did it primarily for this community and that’s where this fight is,” she said. “For me right now, it’s always been about the people of Sault Ste. Marie. Not only just being an option for people, but fighting to be that option – I think that’s important, and  I’ve stressed from the beginning of this campaign to the middle of this campaign, and I’m saying it as we’re going into the final stretch – I’m here fighting for that vote, I’m here to fight for the people of Sault Ste. Marie, and I’m not at all discouraged by yesterday’s news at all.”


Yesterday, Kathleen Wynne conceded that she will not be Premier after June 7. I have been asked what this means for me, and I want to be clear: my campaign does not change. Neither does the choice that voters are faced with.

I decided to run because of a true commitment to Sault Ste. Marie. My vision for this community is based on the Liberal values of fairness, equity, and opportunity. I entered this race because I believe that when we have Liberal representation, we have progress.

Today, I am running because I do not want Doug Ford to be my Premier. Like many people I’ve talked to in Sault Ste. Marie, I have been alarmed by the things he has said, the candidates he has endorsed, and the threats he has made of cutting government services. When we go into the voting booth on June 7, we have a choice: to support Doug Ford’s ideals, or to elect progressive representation.

Ultimately, this campaign has and continues to be about the people of Sault Ste. Marie and providing the best representation for them. As we approach Election Day, I will continue to focus on the things that you have told me are important to you. I continue to fight because I believe in this community, and I do not trust that we will thrive under Doug Ford’s leadership.


  1. It is very telling when a party leader??like Wynne jumps ship before it sinks. I am sure the Liberal candidates who are trying their best feel abandoned. It just shows the true character of Wynne.

  2. The Liberal party is done. They had their chance and blew it HUGE TIME They have done far too much damage to ever be considered to be trustworthy again.

  3. wynne clearly & methodically threw everyone of you & your liberal candidate friends under the political bus. Her excuse, is anyone’s guess, but I don’t believe you will be the recipient of any benefits from this pitiful move. I believe wynne met with horwath and these 2 cooked up a plan. A plan that obviously does not include you and a great many of your colleagues in the liberal camp. Woww, what a leader you have in wynne. She goes on national television and states that she will not be premier after June 7. It doesn’t take a political genius to know that statement was etched in stone. But, to do what she did, wow, talk about a Benedict Arnold move on the rest of her team. Nice play wynne, this will be your legacy. It really looks good on you.
    Please cast your vote on June 7. Our future is at state here, under a potential continuation of a socialist run province. Good luck in your future Jaclynne. You were most definitely my 2nd choice, after Romano.

  4. LOL she hears word on the street. What street?? The only time these liberals hear ‘word on the street’ is when they wanna spin something. There was alot of word from the street over the years, about hydro, about health care, about nurses about nursing homes. They should lose official party status, all this bull about keeping the gov in check is just to split the vote and remain relevant.

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