Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne admits she won’t win provincial election


TORONTO — An emotional Kathleen Wynne admitted today that her governing Liberals will lose the Ontario election on Thursday.

The premier, whose party has been trailing behind the Progressive Conservatives and the New Democrats in the polls, is urging voters to elect as many Liberals as possible to prevent the other parties from forming a majority government.

Wynne wouldn’t say whether she’d stay on as party leader following the vote.

She also declined to endorse the Tories or NDP.

Wynne says whichever way the vote goes, people should hope for a minority win to keep the government “from acting too extreme — one way or the other.”

The Canadian Press


  1. I am always amazed by the sheer idiocy of the ontario voter, the liberals have been elected every time and have made things worse and worse and more and more in the hole. Now that it appears we are getting out from under their insanity, who gets popular?? the friggin NDP!! give your heads a shake.

  2. This week end’s buzz word is: “COALITION”, COALITION, coalition, COALITION, libs & ndp coalition, they will form a coalition, yes folks, these 2 will form a coalition. Get used to it – 4 more years of liberal rule under a liberal/ndp collusion. 4 more long years of wind mills, costly energy bills, more free stuff, that you will pay for. More $15,000 cheques to rich people buying $100,000 electric vehicles. More wind mills with 20 year contracts to liberal insiders and soon, ndp insiders. Folks, a COALITION of the libs and ndp is going to be in place, shortly after June 7. Get used to it, if you vote liberal or ndp. Think about it before you cast your vote.

  3. She must really think that Ontarians are stupid. She tells us to vote for her so that the PCs and the NDP don’t get a majority government, and that will prevent that. April Fools, vote for her and she gets in. Don’t believe a word she says. She belongs to the McGuinty clan and is no different than that lying, scheming, promise all party and they will fall for it ex Premier.

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