Live Election Coverage and Real-Time Results, Local TV is back!


Remember the days when we used to have live local election coverage on tv? Well, that returns Thursday night as Superior Media presents coverage on both platforms, and ONNtv.

Join ONNtv’s Lou-Anne Young and Tim Murphy at 8pm to set the scene for this long awaited election. Will the Liberals be reduced to non-party status as indicated by the latest polls. Will Ontario be left with a majority government or minority and what party will form government?

Those answers and many more will unfold live ONNtv and

ONNtv will have reporters out at the various party locations , getting instant reaction as the polls come in. Panelists, Susan Myers, Dr. Gail Broad and Algoma University Political Professor , Trevor Tchir will bring insight through out the night with Lou-Anne Young and Tim Murphy. Superior Media’s Team Reporters including Megan Pounder, Alex Parr and Riley Smith will keep viewers updated on both complete with instant real-time results from our riding and riding’s all over the province and reports ONNtv.

For hosted discussions, analysis and real-time results, make sure to tune in.

Coverage starts at 8 pm and it’s ONNtv!


  1. This is one of our last right’s as citizens that has not been taken away or muted. Please be an informed voter. Do not rely on smear campaigns and Facebook for your political stance. Do your due diligence and investigate policies, platforms and candidates for yourself.

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