Multi-Million Dollar Reno Project Starts Next Week


The City of Sault Ste. Marie advises residents that beginning next week, contractors will be on site to start the Civic Centre windows and cladding project.

The construction is scheduled to last approximately one year during which time, there will be disruptions upon entering and exiting the building. Visitors are urged to follow designated signage and way finding directions during this temporary reconstruction project.

The primary purpose for reconstruction is to protect the existing 45 year old structure from
further degradation. Under the 2015 Asset Management Plan, the replacement of the exterior metal panels and windows on the Civic Centre was identified as a priority. The 2015 Cladding Refurbishment Feasibility Study stated that major issues with the existing systems included metal panel support deterioration, air and water barrier deficiencies and penetration, an inability to source new windows of the same color as the existing, and numerous seal failures in insulated  windows. The study recommended full replacement as soon as possible, but no later than 2018.

The project will be funded using long-term debt and will not incrementally increase the City’s tax levy. As required by the province, the City must have an asset management plan that guides the municipality on how needed repairs and upgrades are prioritized for its buildings and facilities over a 25-year horizon. Annually, an allocation within the budget funds the asset management plan that is used to make repairs, improvement and replace equipment. A portion of this annual amount will be used to finance the loan.


  1. What happened to the addictions outreach and resources that the city supposedly was committed to after the W5 exposure? Obviously SSM needs to change their slogan to “ WELCOME TO SSM , WHERE IT IS BETTER TO LOOK GOOD THAN TO FEEL GOOD MY Dears! “

  2. Mean while Im fixing a windshield of getting an alignment every month because of the road conditions. You are begging money for lunch/breakfast programs. Our police are under funded and people are being subjected to b&e everyday.. little is being done. Our transit system is a joke and is being made worse each time it hits the news. .but yeah put lipstick on the pig..

  3. Mayor when did you say your leaving your office, it can’t be soon enough, time for a new mayor.

  4. I think people should stop bitching about things they have no knowledge on.
    Long overdue renovation, I commend the city for moving forward.

    • I have to agree with Steve. From the sounds of it, the repairs are needed. And it appears the $ allotted for this project, are for this purpose only.

  5. So saddening. Was at Clergue Park and really missed the fountain. So many of us who actually walk and enjoy the beauty of our waterfront come to find comfort in the small things others take for granted. It was a beautiful place to off in the mist on our strolls..alot of financially unfortunate saultites would go to cool off there in the summer. Joggers as well…it is really sad that others take for granted, what others find joy in..all in the name of the mighty dollar.

  6. “Mayor asks people for breakfast money
    He wants to raise $25,000 for fresh fruit, yogurt, milk and cereals for summer breakfasts for kids.” is just what I recently read on Sootoday. Perhaps donate that $25,000 out of this unneeded reno project, and donate that to this breakfast program! Unreal!!

  7. move city hall into the old sears building lol waste of money you look all around queen street looks like a ghetto and dirty too but lets spend money on a building which is 70 percent occupied.The mayor is a liberal what do you expect.

  8. “The project will be funded using long-term debt and will not incrementally increase the City’s tax levy.”

  9. If this depicts what it is going to look like whoever came up with the idea needs to be canned. It is far too blah and bland looking. They could have came up with a much better design with some contrast. It looks like a giant ice cube.

  10. yes get those busses running . better then that ,, . people need to depend on them , , . they have doctors appointments and so much more places to go ,, but these new squedules are the pits , seams like the person dont care , about people ,, or how they get there,, . . , , , honestly fix them so people can have normal , hours ,, not left on the sides of the roads , to wait , for the bus to get there ,

  11. Should have spent that money on new city buses and bus routes and schedules that make sense. The city hall building is fine. Doesn’t need a reno.

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