Northern Rail is too important, we can’t risk Doug Ford – NDP says


“Doug Ford came to Sault Ste. Marie, made some campaign promises without a plan or
platform, and left as quickly as he came, leaving us scratching our heads -again.” said Michele McCleave-Kennedy, NDP candidate in Sault Ste. Marie.

The Sault is our home and it deserves to be taken seriously. Huron Central Rail is a vital lifeline for our industries to get products to market. Jobs depend on keeping this train rolling and families depend on these jobs. Sault families deserve a plan for Huron Central Rail, not more Doug Ford bumper sticker slogan s without a platform to back them up.

New Democrats announced in May 2017 that we would fund Huron Central Rail to
keep it rolling. We included our commitment to Huron Central Rail in our Northern Platform for this campaign as part of our plan for $25 million each year to support northern rail

In May 2018, when Huron Central Rail announced it was shutting down because Kathleen
Wynne refused to support it, New Democrats stepped up again with our commitment of $4
million each year for five years to keep the railway open.

New Democrats know what’s at stake : protecting our steel jobs here in the Sault
and the more than 7,000 jobs that depend on northern industries that our rail lines serve.
Andrea Horwath is from Steeltown Hamilton, she gets it.

She’s co mmitted, she has a plan for steel, Huron Central Rail, and our northern rail lines.
Unfortunately, Doug Ford still doesn’t understand Northern Ontario or the significance of
northern rail enough to have a dedicated plan for it.
That’s not leadership.
Sault families deserve much better.”


  1. BEWARE OF THE ORANGE MESSAGE: Folks, the best we could do is vote for Romano on June 7. We need a majority PC government to steer this province away from oblivion. Ask yourself, why is hydro one against the PCs. This over paid, destructive conglomerate wants an ndp or ndp/liberal coalition. Why are outside groups actually financing & pushing for an ndp victory ? Ask yourself. Folks, the losers of an ndp or an ndp/liberal coalition will be our young people. ie. Ontario lost over 50,000 p/t jobs because the libs and the ndp think that businesses all have deep pockets. Well, they don’t. We need sanity back in this province where INSANITY has existed for 15 years. And that INSANITY will continue with an ndp victory. Even public servants better beware. The well will run dry under a socialist regime folks. And when the well runs dry, the 1st to go will be those in the public service. Think about it. $350 billion DEBT and increasing. The PC plan puts more money in your pocket. That’s a big reason the PC are running a deficit. Folks, please give this some serious thought. It will be life changing…………………..

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