Ontario Elections. Incumbent Ross Romano Elected In Sault Ste. Marie.


At this hour, with all 62  polls reporting, Ross Romano PC, has been re-elected tonight in the riding of Sault Ste. Marie. Follow along with ONNTV’s coverage here.


These are the stats as of 10:45 pm.

32,117 total votes

13,498 – Ross Romano PC

13,084 – 084 Michele McCleave-Kennedy – NDP

3,199 – Jaclynne Hamel – LIB

1,044 – Kara Flannigan

993 – Sandra Holmberg – NOP13,

299 Lance Brizard – LTN –



  1. I weep that we have Trumfordp as premier. I am disgusted that the PC’s chose him as leader. Surely somewhere in that party there was SOMEONE better…they might have got my vote.

  2. No difference, really.. He got nothing done before and since didn’t back Ol’ Tubby, he will get less done now.. Ontario now officially has a Trump clone…LOLOL..

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